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PS: For those on IVF or having trouble trying to conceive, I'm sorry if this talk about 'planning' specific dates seems silly. I just like to try and be prepared. When it comes down to it, having healthy children is a blessing at any time!

PS: For those on IVF or having trouble trying to conceive, I'm sorry if this talk about 'planning' specific dates seems silly. I just like to try and be prepared. When it comes down to it, having healthy children is a blessing at any time!

My computer keeps showing an error message when I try to post a reply. Sorry about double posts!!!!

Hi Mirri,

Hope this is the month for you!! Well - I hope it is the month for all of us smile.

A bit about me... 25 years old and have a nearly 1 year old girl. Have just weaned her and going to start trying again right away!!


Planning doesn't sound silly to me. I can completely understand why sometimes it makes life a little easier. If you are lucky enough to fall easily then that is a blessing....if not then you just take each cycle as it comes and work it into your life as best you can.
i ladies smile if its cool with you i would like to join on board for feb smile
a bit about me im 29 (sadly for only 2 more weeks, god 30 sounds sooo old) and my dh is 32 and our ds is 2 1/2yrs. We have bee TTC for 6months and feb will be our 7th months. I am just awaiting my af so i can get on with this next cycle. smile I know what you ladies mean about dates... i really wanted to be preggy before been 30, now i really what to be preggy so i am due before the IL's come over from uk for xmas LOL but as my dh say's i will just have to take what im given smile

Wouldn't it be nice to fall preggers so the IL's could see the newborn for xmas. I'm the same as you. I live in NZ and plan to go to QLD for xmas 09 and would love to take a nwe baby home to the family!
I too am nearly 30 and always had the idea that I would be at least pregnant before being 30. The thing about waiting or planning is that there is no guarentee that you get pregnant straigh away!!

Hi all, I'd like to get pregnant soon so that i have a newborn for xmas and am not heavly preggers.

my son was 4 weeks old at xmas 3 yrs ago and i'd prefer to have a new baby than be pregnant.

actually id just be happy to be pregnant at all atm.

i think im going to look on every milestone this year, as oh i would have been this many weeks this many weeks pregnant now.

quiet frankly i feel lost atm, like i have no purpose,i feel lonely and bored.

i have the kids home with me all the time,they keep me busy, but i still manage to feel lost inside.

my SIL is due in 9 weeks so im going to focus on that,hopefully i can feel full and purposeful again soon.


Hi all, we just got married on Jan 2nd this year but started trying November (too keen!!) Fingers crossed for you all, happy to hear about any suggestions and things to do to help this along!?? Good Luck!!

Can I join this thread? DH and I have decided (tentatively, with some nervousness but also excitememnt) to try for #3 over the next few months. I had a funny cycle this last one so am not sure what my cycle is now. I actually thought I was pregnant cos I was 12 days late but AF finally arrived... the whole 12 days, I was filled with anxiety and excitement... so it has made me realise that I want to try for #3.

It took all of about 2 min to convince DH so onward and forward! lol

A bit about myself. I am 28 and DH is 30. We have 2 very active and cheeky boys - DS1 is 3.5 and DS2 is 17 months old. We thought that 2 may have been enough for us but I have always wanted 3 and so did DH... so we realise now that we want to complete our family with a third.

I hope no one is offended when I say, I really want a little girl. Of course we would love a boy just as much but after 2 boys... I am ready for some PINK in my life!!! lol

I am not a big fan of pregnancy or labour... so it's gonna be a rocky ride... but seeing as this will DEFINITELY be our last, I hope, I can be a little more tolerant and patient with all the changes that come with pregnancy!!! lol

Anyway, I am reading up about changing my diet to increase the chances for a girl and also trying to shed a few kilos before getting pregnant. So, it's a healthy diet mixed with exercise for the next couple of months... any tips on both?

Hope to get to know you ladies and lots of baby dust to you all.

Hi lasmonkey,

Yeah, I have thought about the whole Xmas baby scenario! My boys are May and August... but my family and DH are all Oct, Nov and Dec! Anyway, I was also thinking about the HEAT factor... like not wanting to be BIG in the middle of summer... hmmmm, but if I were to wait, it means the gap between DS2 and bub would be bigger... if I were to conceive in the next 2 months, the gap would be 26-27 months which is the same as DS1 and DS2... which is ideal... hmmmmm...

So, really not sure when to start trying! lol

Anyway... am reading up on tips to increase chance of conceiving a girl atm and changing my diet... so that may take a couple of months to sort out... Also trying to lose a few kilos too... arrhhh! smile

I know what you mean about just wanting to start straight away... everyone around me is pregnant!!! I am so clucky. I also think I'm a bit crazy cos it's only been in the last month that I've started thinking about another bub!

All the best.

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