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TTC FEB 09 Lock Rss

Things are looking down for us today, we wanted to have moved before TTC but we are having no luck finding somewhere to rent and are currently staying with my parents. I will stay in this thread but I might not actually get to start until March or even April.

Funny what you were talking about two monkeys, DP said he only ever wanted one but a few months ago I skipped an AF and then I was late for the next one and that was enough for DP to change his mind smile
Hi Ladies,
Can I please join this thread too..
I am Nic 25 and DP is 24. We are TTC #1 and Feb will be our 5th month of trying...
Fingers crossed Feb us our month...

Baby Dust to All
Mummy to be

Here is an up to date list of the ladies in this forum....

Mummof2 - TTC #3
McMum - TTC #2
JacksMummy08 - Anna - TTC #2
Sez<3shergirls - TTC #2
Shansamkelly - Sam - TTC #1
Callums Mummy - TTC #2
Mummof 2 - TTC #3
Jen81 - TTC #2
princessdaddynme - TTC #2
Boy-Central - TTC?
Jaynie 81 - Jayne - TTC #1 for 6 months
Kate's Mum - Louise TTC #2
Mumma moo - TTC #2
Lasmonkey - TTC #3
mirri moogle - Mirri - TTC #2 for 6 months
babyafterdepo - TTC #2 for 7 months
mareeba mum - Kelly - TTC #2
Westygirl - TTC? for 4 months
*two monkeys* - TTC $3
Mummytobe - Nic - TTC #1 for 5 months

** Any mistakes or alternations please let me know **

Hi again,

We are TTC #1, I know its weird to say but glad I am not the only one trying to no avail, seems all my friends click their fingers and bobs your uncle numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4 are coming along!! Kind of over hearing 'it'll happen'. Anyway staying positive, best of luck girls!!
hi girls i hope you don't mind if i join
a little about me i am cindy i am 25 and i am married to dh wjho is 26 and we have a dd who is 2.8years old and i sadly lost our son in oct at 22 weeks gestation actually ment to be due on the 21feb so bit of a hard patch atm but this would be our 2nd month of trying af showed her ugly face on the 14th so heres to hoping feb is our month

hi again cindy smile

can i please join this thread

my name is mel and we are into our third month ttc #3.

we really want twins so i am researching that atm. AF will be here in the morning so i will have two weeks to work it all out

look forward tochatting to you girls
Having a bit of a downer today. I am on day 16 of cycle and all of my ovulation test are showing that nothing is happening. I'm trying to be patient and hoping that maybe I will have along cycle .... but it looks like we might have to go back to the fertility clinic. I was hoping that maybe my body had sorted it self out after DD1, but it doesn't look like it. Sorry for whinging...I know there are lots of people worse off than me.
Is anyone else really really impatient at the moment? I'm almost wishing the days away!

ms1708 - I would also love to have twins....what sort of info have you found?
[Edited on 30/01/2009]
Hi Ladies

I'm Liz, 35 DH 36 trying TTC #2 since Dec. So this is my second cycle of TTC. I have just moved over from the January thread.

We are in no rush to concieve as long as we hit the jackpot by December but as we heard that it can take longer the 2nd time around we thought we will start now. With DD it only took the 2nd month of trying to get her so who know what will happen.

Good luck everyone

Posted by: Kate''s mum

ms1708 - I would also love to have twins....what sort of info have you found?

sorry you are having a down day kate GBH

last night i discovered you can pay 200 and they can help you chart when the best time for twins is

i also found out some other things

* if you are breastfeeding still you are more likely to conceive twins - hormones or something (YES THAT IS ME)
* if you have lots of sex cause you can release more than one egg in month especially when very sexually active (ME AGAIN)
* if you are over thirty you increase your chances and then again after you are 35 (NOT ME 28)
* if you have had a previous multiple birth or pregnancy (NO NOT ME)
* the more pregnancies you have had the more likely you are to conceive twins ( I have been pregnant three times with 2 live births)
* if you take high doses of folic acid (I do take folic acid but not too sure what the side effects of taking too much can be)
* eating wild african yams (tried to find out where i can buy some but i think i'd have to go to africa can't seem to find it here in oz)
* oh and family history (there are twins on dh side and a long time ago gthere were twin s on my side)

so it is possible to get twins or multiples with some planning - i just want two more babies and dh only wants one so i am hoping that we can both get our wish .he would def love all the children we have but is unsure if we could continue to provise well enough for them
hey all,

how are we all going?
ive been busy trying to organise my holiday, i leave in 5 days, 10-12 hr drive! be so good when we get there though, 2 weeks of relaxing!

oh and i would like some honest opinions here, im 20 years old, absolutely over the moon having my beautiful baby girl, shes 4 months (almost) i seem to handle being a parent quite well, there is a bit of frustration involved but im sure everybody goes through that! what is everyones opinions on trying for the second bub seeing as my little girl is still kinda little, has anybody concieved while there bub has been this little? and how did you cope?

just trying to get all the info before i make this big decision smile

thanks everyone smile
hi ladies yip im in feb TTC as the witch af came along sad but not to bummed as looking back at my charts in the past it looks like my system is starting to get back to normal smile

Im looking forward to chatting with you ladies smile and lets hope lots of us get our BFP's !! smile

baby dust to us all *******

sez<3s.hergirls my honest opinion is only you now in your heart if you can handle two babies close together, i think if it is something you want you will do really well smile My SIL's 2 children are 10months apart and the oldest has learning probs and she worked part time as they needed the money, and they say they wouldnt have had it any other way smile

cd1 of a 33 day cycle

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