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TTC FEB 09 Lock Rss

Congrats Alana on twins! Wow!

Well, I was naughty this morning and tested sad and got a BFN sad

I'm not happy with myself for giving in and testing cos AF isn't due till Fri/Sat.

Anyway, I was pretty hopeful but not so much now... I have had 2 nights of hardly any sleep... like when I've got too much on my mind to sleep... argh. I want to have a nap now but can't seem to relax.

Oh well, will see when AF shows up and if not, will test on Sat. I was really hoping to not have to buy any more HPTs. I have one left in my cupboard!

Baby dust to everyone.


Hi all

I managed to get a doctors appointment on Mon, urine test came back neg, so they took blood, got my blood results back this morning and they're neg too. sad
Just had follow up appointment with Dr and was told not to worry about it too much and to came back when I'm 3 mths late. I'm seeing a different dr this Friday. Wait 3 mths when your TTC, yer right.
i am DOUBLY jealous! hahahahaha LOL.
aaaah you are gonna be sooo sick of the 'double trouble' comments in nooo time at all smile
congratulations! and hope your pregnancy is smooth sailing.

Sorry to hear about your BFN two monkeys. Don't feel bad for testing too early, we all do it !!

I had the insomnia as well. You are right, too much on our minds.

Good luck for testing on Friday/Saturday gasp) x x

Hey nzdee#1, I would change doctors if I was you. Stupid bloody comment. Come back when you are 3 months late, TUT, idiot !!

Let us know how you go this Friday gasp) x x


thanks for the congrates (i think lol)
it was a bit of a shock to see two heartbeats but we sort of half expected it as my mum is a twin and DP has twins in his family (just not for a couple of generations lol).

i had a feeling for a couple of days before hand that it might be twins because i feel different from last time (its hard to explain lol)

good luck everyone smile
Thanks Boy-Central... yeah, I am feeling better about the BFN now... of course would've loved a BFP! smile

I am wondering if I can wait even longer to test because last time with DS2, HPTs were all negatives till a week after AF was due... so would be great if I could just WAIT. AF is due any day now if I'm not pregnant... but the worse thing would be for AF to be late because I'm stressed... sad

I'll have to occupy my days and not worry about it all... easier said than done but keep telling myself, it's not the end of the world if I'm not pregnant.

Baby dust for all those still waiting to test.


Hey girls,

how are you all? well still no sign of AF yet and another BFN... so i think i will wait until next monday to test now if AF doesn't arrive as that way it will be 3-4 days over due... i still don't know if i'm pregnant though. DF and I were going to BD last night but just as we got to it he leant on my tummy and i got the weirdest pain like a sharp pain and it just felt all different and weird so we didn't so hope it doesn't blow our chances lol.

Alyce xo

Oh bugger Alyce, good luck testing on Monday!

This may sound silly but it is such a nice feeling having AF at the moment because I am stress free and SLEEPING. We are going to BD every 2nd day this month. DH doesn't have a problem with that, hahaha. I am happy that my cycle is back to normal now and when I had the internal u/s after the m/c they said my ovaries looked good so I am feeling pretty confident. Only thing is, when I am due to OV we will have family staying with us. We are just going to have to be extra quiet, LOL!

Going to Mothers Group today. Enjoy your day girls x x x
[Edited on 05/03/2009]

Yeah I know hey Kathy, but then I realised that the test I bought were only good for AFTER AF is due so maybe that's why lol.

I know exactly how you feel, I just wish AF would show up so I can get on with everything as opposed to this waiting nonsense...I will be so disappointed if it takes several more weeks to get it back sad.

Haha extra quiet!!!!

Have a good time at Mother's group.

Alyce xo

Congratulations (x2) Alana!! What a lovely surprise!!! I would love to have twins!! All the best for a smooth pregnancy!!

Today I was walking home with Callum and got some sharp stabbing pains (sort of like period pains) but sudden, and on and off for about 20 mins. I got home and I had a little bit of light bleeding - my first thought was 'oh no, AF has arrived!' But my AF is not due for another week! And it was very very light, and has since stopped. Does anyone know what this could be?? HELP!

Implantation Bleed?!!! I've never had one but it does sound like it. Apparently pink or brown discharge? I'm not sure but worth a google and think other ladies on here would be able to give you more info!

All the best.

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