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TTC FEB 09 Lock Rss

Hey I agree that sounds like an implantation bleed which can happen 2-8 days after OV... so fingers crossed that you are Pregnant

Omg I don't want to get my hopes up but I remember I had that when I got pregnant with Callum! I am googling it now and it sounds to be just that - but like I said, don't want to get my hopes up! EEEEK!!!! Anyone else had an implantation bleed before?

nah i never did with any of my pregnancies...but sounds like positive news to me grin

Hey Callums Mummy, I have never had an Implantation bleed either. Sounds like one though hey? Good sign that you also had those pains when pg with Callum. Fingers crossed!

Congratulations Alana!!
Once you get over the shock that would be a lovely surprise!!
I hope it all goes smoothly for you.
Hi ladies,

just thought I'd pop back on and let you know I got a BFP at the weekend, went to docs today and do bloods tomorrow! My EDD is 14/11. Good luck to everyone and congrats to all those preggie.

If anyone from FB sees this, please don't mention it, we aren't telling people just yet!


Hey guys, I haven't been in for a few weeks just reporting that i'm still waiting on AF. Congrats to all who got BFPs this month.
hiiiii everyone smile

so sorry i havent been on to chat, my comp has been down for a couple of weeks and it has been killing me lol.

well AF was due either 7th or 8th so i around about 5 days late, i took 4 tests ... FOUR. and all came up neg so maybe hormones arent strong enough yet. i had a blood test yesterday.. so results will be in, in exactly 20 minutes when i call up!

not sure if i should be moving to the march thread??

hows everybody going? congrats to all the pregnancies! its seems a long long time away before you get to hold your baby to be's doesnt it!

good luck everyone else still trying!

take care all xx
hi again,

so i rang the doctors office and spoke to the nurse... test results NEGATIVE. i quite p.issed off and pretty devastatd seeing as AF usually comes on her day.

anywho looks like im off to the march thread sad

bye everyone and good luck with all pregnancies and preg-to-be.

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