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TTC FEB 09 Lock Rss

Hi ladies

A re-cap on me ... Im Bec 30, DH is 30 and DS is 13 months. We were planning on TTC#2 in February but it now looks like it will be pushed out til the end of Feb / March. DH stresses a little about money and things and wants to wait "just one more month". I have only just returned to work last month after 12 months maternity leave so Im prepared to wait an extra month. I'd feel a bit bad if I got pregnant straight away and left again LOL!
Im so excited about actually trying to get pregnant this time -DS happened straight away and it was a bit of a suprise so Im keen to get started because I don't think we'd be that lucky again. I bought my folic acid tablets today and will start those tomorrow!
If my cycles continue as they have been and we conceive in March the due date would be Christmas eve which Im not overly keen on ... in saying that Im happy with any blessing we receive.

Syd - im so sorry to hear of your loss. No words I could write could even come close to making that pain go away! Im sure the angels are watching over him - and you and your family!

Well ladies - I'll continue to post here - just in case I manage to convince DH to start a little earlier!!

Baby dust to you all - hope its your month!


Hi ladies,

Ok, I am officially TTC Feb now, AF came today... So C'MON MONTH NUMBER SIX!!!

A brand new month! And I have already worked out which days DH is home and which days I am fetile (going by average cycle, 31 days) and DH leaves the day before I am due to OV. So there is still some hope. I am going to try to get that "preseed" stuff so that the swimmers have the best possible chance grin

Look forward to hopefully sharing some BFP's together this month!

babyafterdepo - thanks so much for your answer, i think im ready now all i have to do is convince my partner! he still thinks we shud wait at least a yr and a half, i dont think i can wait that long! plus me and my sis are really close and close in age too so im sure it will work out well smile

baby dust to you, good luck with conceiving smile
mumma moo

It took us 2.5 years to fall with DD - with a lot of help with fertility drugs!! I don't know why I'm expecting it to be easy this time around! But I have had a few friends with similar probs to me fall straight away with no 2. I guess we will just have to take it as it comes!
well girls the other day when i moved over here from ttc jan 09 it seems i was a bit premature

i did a hpt this morning and it had two blue lines

very excited. will drop back in and check on you all.

Sticky baby dust to everyone. Hope to see lots more bfps!!
Congrats ms1708, I hope you have a healthy 8 more months smile

Just wondering if I can join in over here ladies, a bit about me, my name is Abbie, I am 20 and DF is 20 also, we have a DS who will be 3 at the end of May. We have been TTC for nearly 12 months and i recently found out I have PCOS so was put on clomid then DF decided he didnt want anymore kids! after a month of feeling really down and not knowing what to do he has decided that we can keep trying (although I never stopped)
I dont think anything will happen this month for us so though it's best to get to know everyone in here more:)

Baby dust to all and I'm looking forward to chatting to everyone

Hi Ladies

Hoping to join you in here. Hubby and I have decided to start TTC #2 so fingers crossed.

I am 28 and hubby is 30. We have a (nearly) 6 month old DD and want to have our kids close in age so if all goes to plan there will be 15 months between them.

Sending baby dust to everyone this month!!!

Madelyn Jean - Jul 08. Emily Florence - Nov 09

[Edited on 30/01/2009]
thanks for that moo smile i like getting opinions from all different angles, im not even sure how the whole process goes since my daughter was a surprise!

thanx all for your kind words

Hi Everyone! I am coming over from the TTC Jan thread. My name is Rachel, I am 29 and my partner is 36. We have a 17.5 month old DS, and have been TTC for 8 months now, this will be our 9th (Feb). Hoping this will be our month as it is getting closer for me to be the big 30! At the moment I am trying a couple of new thing, Vitex to regulate my cycle, and Acupuncture aswell. Hopefully these will make a difference, fingers crossed. Good to see a BFP already, and may we see many more!!

Rachel XX

Hello everyone! My name is Belinda and DH and I will be trying for #3 in Feb. I hope you don't mind me joining in!! Good luck to everyone for TTC in Feb! I am very excited to be adding to our family although somedays wonder if I should be with my two sometimes being such a handful!!! LOL LOL Look forward to chatting with you all!

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