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TTC FEB 09 Lock Rss

Wow, I have still been popping in on the TTC Jan thread and there are still more BFP's happening over there! grin

I had the feeling there would be a lot in Jan. Still cant help feeling a little jealous though... Oh well, Febuary is gonna be my month! (I am sure I am due for some good luck soon!)
Bring on my OVULATION! hehehe, still 2 weeks to wait.

Happy BD'ing ladies grin

Congrats ms1708!! How very exciting! All the best and I hope it all goes very well for you.
thanks kate's mum and all ohter well wishes

another thing to do for a twin birth is have great nutrition. if you eat well then you produce healthy eggs!
Here is an up to date list of the ladies in this forum....

Mummof2 - TTC #3
McMum - Bec - TTC #2
JacksMummy08 - Anna - TTC #2
Sez<3shergirls - TTC #2
Shansamkelly - Sam - TTC #1
Callums Mummy - TTC #2
Jen81 - TTC #2
princessdaddynme - TTC #2
Boy-Central - TTC?
Jaynie 81 - Jayne - TTC #1 for 6 months
Kate's Mum - Louise TTC #2
Mumma moo - TTC #2
Lasmonkey - TTC #3
mirri moogle - Mirri - TTC #2 for 6 months
babyafterdepo - TTC #2 for 7 months
mareeba mum - Kelly - TTC #2
Westygirl - TTC#1 for 4 months
*two monkeys* - TTC $3
Mummytobe - Nic - TTC #1 for 5 months
Syd_babe_99 - Cindy - TTC#2 for 2 months
uggar - Liz - TTC #2 for 2 months
Ab-b - Abbie - TTC #2 for 12 months
mallecat - TTC #2
RM9698 - Rachael - TTC #2 for 8 months
*Mumtogirls* - Belinda TTC #3

ms1708 - Mel - EDD ??

** Any mistakes or alternations please let me know **

Hi Everyone,

Just sliding in from the Jan TTC. We are trying for #2 after a m/c in October.

Was hoping for a good start to 09 but got gastro the same time I OV'd ( what are the chances!!!!).

Hmmm this month better be a good one!

Good luck to everyone and look forward to chatting.

Its says it doesnt go through - so you click again and look whats happens! - Sorry
[Edited on 22/01/2009]
Hi All

RM9698 - Vitex is probably one of the best herbs on the market. I used to work for a company which produced a lot of herbal products and I cannot speak highly enough about it.

I had been taking the the pill for 10 years, and after going off it my cycle was really messed up for a while. After only a couple of months of taking vitex my cycle was perfect and I conceived my DD after 4 months. (3rd month didn't really count as hubby was away!!!)

I have just stopped the mini-pill as I was getting AF every two weeks and so have started taking vitex again. Hopefully it won't take long to get into a normal rhythm.

Good luck with the baby-making...

Madelyn Jean - Jul 08. Emily Florence - Nov 09

Hi All
I should join in here.

My DS is 1yr and finally my period is back. I am still B/F 3 times dayly. Bt the AF is the best sign so far of ovulation. Time to start counting days.

It took me 15 yrs for 1st bub with many M/C and 2 eptopics so I really hope #2 is a fast concetion. i couldn't bear too many more dramas.

That Vitex sounds good! i will have to google it and read about it. I like the herbal stuff.

Good luck to you all

Hi Ladies,

Me and my haubby are starting to ttc this month, my name is Serena and i'm 24, i had a m/c late last year.. so hopefully this year is a good one for us.

So AF arrived this morning, which means i am on CD1...

looking forward to getting to know you all..
Hi Ladies,

Im Racheal and im coming over from the Jan TTC thread.
We are TTC #3 after losing our princess Lilli 2mths ago now.

I honestly have no clue to when i ovulate, so here's hoping i catch it in time this mth. Currently im on CD11, and last mth cycle was a 33day. So going by that, maybe in the next wk i should ovulate.

Hi Ladies how are we.

Just a quick stop in to ask a question about ovulation (TMI lol )yesterday my cervics was very high and today i had ewcm, recently my cycle as been out of wack (ranging from 27 - 32 days wich isnt like me) and its been 10 days since AF showed up would this be counted as ovulation? or would it be in a few days, i thought i had it all sussed out but then the body goes and stuffs it all up. Be great if you guy know whats going on lol.



PS congrats to our first BFP may you have a safe pregnancy and no morning sickness:D

Hi Ladies

I'm moving over from the jan thread and really hoping feb is our month after 9 months of TCC. I'm 26 and DH is 27 we got married end of Apr 08 and TCC #1.

I know what you guys mean when you say as soon as you TCC everyone seems to be PG. 3 girls I work with announced they were PG as we were starting to try and then aftera couple of months one of my GF's fell PG when not even trying. I mean I'm happy for her but AAARRRgh feel like tearing my hair out at the same time.

Sorry for the vent.

Bany dust to all

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