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TTC FEB 09 Lock Rss

its very quiet in here. due to ov tomorrow so lets shee how that goes

Hi ladies can i join here? im coming over from the TTC JAN thread, im Jo and DP and i are both 22 and have 1 DS who is 3, and have been trying to conceive #2 for 6 months and 1 mc. i dont think this is our month which is why im coming over early.

hope everyones having a great long weekend!

***sticky baby dust to everyone***


DS 18-08-05! & look out 2010- a new me is coming!

hi ladies

Im rolling over from the jan thread.
my DF is 22 and im 24 ttc #2 DS #1 will be 2 in march and we are also getting married at the end of feb if it doesnt happen in feb then i want to wait till july/august to start trying again as i dont want a xmas baby or both bdays too close together so heres hoping febs our month well good luck to everybody and hopefully there will be heaps of BFPs this month smile


Does anyone else use a temperature chart to check when ov? Or are you using some other method?

Madelyn Jean - Jul 08. Emily Florence - Nov 09

Hello to all of the newbies!
Mallecat - I use the Maybe Baby and I have also been using wee sticks. I'm not a fan of the wee sticks - the brand I have you have to look at two lines to see if one is darker than the other - I don't think it is very reliable.

I think I may have been a little to quick to say that I don't think I'm going to ovulate on my own...yesterday and today my maybe baby was showing that I'm in transition. So, I should ovulate sometime in the next few days. I'm very excited, and I just want to go and start Bding (lol), but I know that we need to wait until next months and my next cycle. Very frustrating!!! I just have to and be patient.
But, I will be kept very busy...My little girl turn one in about 3 weeks, so I'm busy planning her party and making her invitations.

Hope everyone had a relaxing long weekend - and cooked some lamb on the BBQ!!! (for all of the aussies).
hi girls.
I have been floating among the TTC threads for this year trying to decide where we want to start. I am about to start (next week) a teaching position for 2009 and i wont be finished till December 18th so If i got preg now (i think i'm about to ov in the next day or two) then i would be due start of nov some time i think/ So i would miss out on the last 4-5 weeks of term 4 but then they would have to employ someone to finish up the term for me and i don't know how well that would go down with my employer sad

OOOHHHH i'm soooo clucky its not funny, I just want to go stuff it and try anyway, the chances are not very high anyway, I just feel like i'm denying myself something by putting it off another month or two. Has anyone else had conflicting feeling with their head and heart????
Hi All,

Just dropping in to see where everyone is at. Good luck to all those about to OV.

Well AF arrived today - Does that make it CD1 for me??? I am not sure how that works. So I guess I am just waiting, although that feels like all you do sometimes wait, wait, BD, wait wait , wait smile


Oh i'm in a similar position, we really need to wait until we move before we start TTC but I really want one now. We had a pregnancy scare late last year and we have both been pretty eager since.
Hi ladies

I need some opinions. I am CD 7, AF was due last Monday did HPT was BFN then got lots of cramps but she was a no show until Tuesday when I got massive cramping that took lots of pain relief to subside. AF only lasted to CD 3 then just had brown streaked CM until CD 6 (sorry TMI). Normally AF lasts until at least CD 5 and have started to get a bit of queasiness again today.

Any ideas?

Baby dust to all
hey there,

well thought i would pop in before i head off to bed... but there doesn't seem to be much going on seems that most of us are waiting to ov... like me i am on cd5 today..

dh and i are going on holidays in a week which is around the time that i'm due to ov, although i'm not exactly sure what day i am due to ov, since this is my first proper cycle since my m/c, so i guess were giong to see how we go... and then if af doesn't show then i guess we will just have to try next month...

were ttc #1, i'm so looking forward to holding a precious bundle in the near future

i guess i should stop rambling on and head off to bed as i have to get up early to go babysit my gorgeous neice...

shall pop in before i head off on my holiday

*****Baby dust to all*****

I hope you have a great relaxing holiday Serena.

Well, I tested my Maybe Baby for OV this morning and I'm not OVing...gggrrr. Now it has gone back to saying 'not fertile'. I just wish I knew what was going on!
Hi ladies
Hope its not too late to join this post, but DH and I are looking at TTC #2 in Feb too.
DS will be 1 in April, and by choice we would like them close together. Would love a girl but will be happy with a healthy baby.
I am going to need help with all the abbreviations in this area as I have had a lot of trouble understanding what is going on.
Baby dust to all

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