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Hmm...Pregnant again! Rss

Hi Rhiannon,

Sorry for taking so long to reply, i haven't had much spare time of late!

With your sleep, is there any chance you could choose one night that Hubby gets up to the bub. you could express for this night! It will also give you something to look forward to and you will get you some well needed rest. My sister has been reminding her husband about this deal all thru her pregnancy! She has 12 weeks left. Just an idea i wish i had used both times round.

Both my kids are well at the moment, and just learning to fight over things. It's kind of funny at the moment as my son is only 1 and my daughter is 3.

Glad to hear you so cheerful, and that morning sickness is steering clear of you, smile


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Hi again, well everything seems to be calming down with my partner, I guess a lot of it is hormones but its also because hes been hanging around his family again and they dont like me as they think I took him off his ex (she has two kids with him aswell) but they forget that he had been split up from her for SIX months!! anyway whenever he hangs around them I get so insecure because the would do anything to break us up, for some reason they have this deluded idea he would go back to his ex (which he SO wouldnt) so they try and talk him into moving home and all this crap which in turn makes me furious! Why cant they just get the point? My partner then starts behaving funny because he doesnt know what to do, hes extremely loyal to his family but loves us too so it can iritate him that when he gets home I get all angry and start throwing my weight around. I still think a couple of days away would be great for us both but my cars fixed now and I still cant bring myself to pack. LOL. Anyway he just bought me a copy/scanner/printer so Ive got to play with that for a while!! I will let you know how we go!
Hi again, Ive been away for a few days and its worked really well for us! we are getting on really really well again. It always seems to be that way! We miss each other dreadfully when we are away, and not to mention the phone calls! My phone bills gonna be HUGE this month, LOL! I am feeling well and we are heading into our 12th week which is great news as I was worried about M/C but hopefully fingers crossed that wont happen. Hope everyone is well and how are the little ones?
Hi Rhiannon,

Glad to hear things are improving for you. All is well with me, just anxious to meet my little boy due this month! I have just 27 days to go to my EDD and I am wondering if I will meet him sooner than that? My almost 19 month old daughter has been such a good girl lately and has been kissing and hugging my tummy. I think she has a bit of an idea that a bub is in there and will be here soon. She has been helpng mum and dad set up the nursery and pick out new toys and clothes for the baby. It is so exciting and a bit scary too I guess!!! I will keep you posted as to how it is for me... with 2 little ones under 2!!! Not long now...

Stay well and stay positive.

All the best,

Michelle smile

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