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Anyone late 30's and TTC? Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

Thought i would start this thread again as it seems we were deleted for some reason!

Maria xoxox

Hi Maria I could not find it dont know why it was deleted.
Hope you are well not long now till testing I have my fingers and everything alse crossed for you

Hi Maria and co, I will take this opportunity to join your thread. I have just turned 37 and I am trying for number one.

I have been following your thread during my TWW. It has helped to keep me sane. So thanks.

Look forward to chatting with you all. Hope this thread doesn't disappear!!

Meg. X

Hi Kylie & Meg

BFN for me gasp(

Hello Meg and welcome to our thread. When do you test?

Sorry to hear you got a BFN Maria gasp(

I bet a lot of people will not be impressed because their threads have been deleted!

Hi Meg and welcome. Good luck with TTC.

I can't believe they have deleted our thread, I didn't even get to read the posts yesterday. Well, I guess we just start again.

How many days have you got left Kathy till you go to the doc's?

Sorry to hear you got a BFN Maria. Hopefully next month will bring some good news.

How are you going Kylie and where abouts are you up to in your cycle?

Any morning sickness yet Julie???

Hi Girls,

Glad to see the thread still going strong.

Meg, welcome along. I'm Julie 37 and have just got BFP after 2 years trying. I can't leave this thread as I've made some wonderful friends so I decided to stay smile Good luck TTC.

Maria, I'm really sorry to hear you got a BFN. Do you think it was an early test? Not fair hey.

As for me girls I think I'm working out now what foods are not agreeing with me. I am having issues with pasta and rice at the moment. Its not a pleasant experience after eating this so I've ruled them out for the time being. Will try them perhaps in the 2nd trimester and see how I go.

I met my girlfriends yesterday for lunch. One of them came out and asked if I was pregnant. She said she's never once seen me refuse a glass of wine.....dead give away huh.

Looks like its going to be 'one of those days' in this house today. Ethan has woke up on the wrong side of the bed and is having a hissy that Mickey Mouse is not on and he wants it on NOW ! The joys of being a toddler hey.

Well girls will drop by later. Off to sort out some brekky and sort out this child who has possessed my Ethan. Mmmmmm

Will chat later,

Julie xoxo

11 more sleeps Sue, not that I am counting !!!!

Hi Everyone,

Thanks so much for your welcome. Congratulations, Julie. I am glad you are hanging around. It will be great to hear from your experience. It's great to see someone who is 37 and has just conceived.

Well I had a BFN this morning, and my temp dropped to 36.62:(

I woke in the night with bad cramps so it looks bad for me. I am setting my sights on December. According to Kerri-Anne Kennerly (I don't know how to spell her name) more babies are conceived in December than any other time of year. SO I am hopeful!!!

It will be great to journey with you all as we get our BFPs.

Meg xoxox

Well I can vouch for that Meg, LOL. Is vouch a word ??
Anyway my 2 youngest boys Lane 2.2yrs & Luke 1.2yrs were both conceived in December. I am hoping we are lucky again next month but I might be pushing my luck. I get my Implanon removed on the 9th Dec. I then have to wait for my cycle to return but I am guessing we can still try and TTC beforehand. I wonder if I can ovulate before AF returns? I will have to ask my doctor about that one.

Meg, I hope it is not the start of AF, stay positive.

I will give you more hope, I have just turned 39 and am due to have my third baby in February. I have two DD's, a three and a half year old and a nineteen month old.

I didn't know that about December, I guess more people are on holidays and are a bit more relaxed????

Julie, what a bummer about the pasta and rice, I just love pasta and rice. Hopefully you will be able to eat it soon.

I am sure you are not counting Kathy, I am sure you are not even thinking about it, he he!!

I have just dropped Emilie at daycare and am off to meet a friend this morning for coffee. I am planning on a semi-relaxing day, we'll see!!

That makes sense about December. I know SO many people who are born in August.

Plus its a time of year that most families are together.

Lets hope December is a good one !

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