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How much folic acid? Lock Rss

I am currently taking a womens multi that has 300mg of folic acid but have heard conflicting advice saying I should be taking more. How much is enough?
Hi enigma, on the side of the Blackmores for Women - Pregnancy & Breast-feeding formula vitamins it says it contains the recommended dietary intake or the RDI being
400mcg of folic acid which is the full RDI of folic acid for pregnant women. However the same brand(Blackmores) Folic Acid vitamins says they contain 500mcg of Folic Acid which if taken daily for one month before conception and during pregnancy, may reduce the risk of women having a child with a birth defect. It doesnt mention the RDI being 400 like the other did. It doesnt mention any RDI on the bottle.
Not sure if that helps???.
Sorry I forgot to mention with the Pregnancy and Breast-feeding formula it also lists all the ingredients stating it contains 200mcg of Folic Acid. But you take 2 tablets which means you are taking 400mcg. Perhaps that is the same with your vitamins, 300mcg is for only 1 tablet/capsule but when if you take 2 then you are having 600mcg. I hope that makes sense??
Hi Rhiannon

All the info I've ever read says 400mcg of folic acid per day. If in doubt check with your midwife or doctor. The other thing is - if you haven't already checked with them - ask your midwife or doctor about the multi vitamin you are taking as some contain a lot of vitamin A which isn't recommended while you are pregnant - I don't mean to scare you smile .

Hope this helps
Hi enigma,

It's 400mcg of folic acid which is recommended. Blackmores 'Pregnancy and breastfeeding' tablets cover this and are great.

I did the same thing by taking 300mcg at the beginning of my pregnancy and was rather peeved to hear i was taking the wrong amount. So i started taking the Blackmores.

Good luck.



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