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When should I expect to be visibly pregnant? Lock Rss

I was wondering this as I had my first son nine months ago and still have a jelly belly from that pregnancy so I was wondering would I look pregnant sooner? It seems to make sense to me as I feel bigger already (8wks now) Has anyone else noticed this?
HI Enigma,
I am 16 weeks pregnant at the moment and I was actually unsure if I had my dates right as I almost showed right away. I am the size I was when I was 7 months pregy with my first. I think everything is that little bit more stretchy than the first.


StaceyW.A Cody(Son)10/7/03Jordyn(Daughter)25/11/04

I was unsure about my dates to and I feel as tho I cant pull my tummy in the way I used to, theres definetly a noticable bump there! LOL. I was this big when I was around four months preg. I'm so rapt its not just me then! Thanks Stacey!
Hi guys

I too am 3 months pregnant with my second child and look around 6 months pregnant!
I panicked at the beginning thinking I may have twins (as they run in the family) but the 1st ultrasound showed only 1.

I guess if you're still holding a bit of weight fromm the 1st pregnancy, it will only add onto this one, so thankfully I'm not the only estra pregnant one around.

Enjoy and good luck!

Jackie, Nicholas 5.5yrs, Annaliese, 4 yrs

I noticed a bump at around the time of my first missed period (10 months after my first child born), I think you tend to expand quicker second time around, especially if not too long after the first was born. Everything seems to remember what happened last time, and just goes floop!
I am now 37 weeks and a similar size to when George was born, 1 good thing, no extra stretch marks so far.

Rachelle, NZ, son George 10.12.02, Ian 15.06.04


i have two GIRLS (3&4 now), with both of them i had not a bump until about 6 months of each......... they seemed almost the same in size at the end also..........

i am now due in September with A BOY and am 25.4weeks today.................... i look like i could pop him out tomorow, i started showing with him at approx. 7-8 weeks................... and have put on a load of weight i only weigh myself at the hospital (accuracy using the same scales you know what i mean) i have gone from 48kilo to last appointment (17 may) 66 kilo!!!!!!!!!!!! and that was only half way........ so you could imagine what my bump is looking like!!!!!!!! its beautiful though..................

i think it just depends what is there for the bump to show
Wow you must be so stoked your having a boy!!
I have heard tho that boys and girls sit differently in your belly so maybe its that? I am not sure what we are having yet, only 8weeks at the mo' but I'm hoping its another boy, I would love for my boys to grow up together and be really good mates. Oops sorry gone off the topic a bit! Hope it all goes well for you and good luck!!
Haha! I was just checking our dates on the side thing and guess what? we joined on the same day! weird. You have posted a bit more than me but still, thats funny!
Hi All,

I am 33 weeks pregnant with my second bub and am having a boy... right now I am the size I was at full-term with my daughter who I gave birth to 18 months ago. I showed much earlier in this pregnancy too. I have also found that when I was pregnant with my daughter she sat really high up in my belly and with my baby boy he is sitting much lower almost craddled into my pelvis. I am hoping my boy doesn't get much bigger as I am worried I will have trouble delivering him! I gained a total of 10kg in my first pregnancy and right now in my second I have gained 12kg already and still have 7 weeks to go.

I think everybody is different and every pregnancy is different too.

Goodluck to all the expecting mums out there.

Michelle smile
...speaking of the day you both joined... 16th January... that's my birthday!!! Sorry bit off the topic I know. Just thought it was funny that's all. wink

haha Michelle that Is funny, !!!
I wasn't noticable till I was in my 6th month with my first adn with my 2nd I wan't noticable till I was in my 5th month. Meaning...I didn't really have a real noticable belly to others till I was in those months. Of course I could tell my belly was getting bigger by the 12th week but to others...even with tight fitting clothes...they couldn't really tell.

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

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