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We fell pregnant 2 cycles of modified treatment at a clinic in Brisbane and now have a 11 month old, who is perfect, however we are now 15 weeks pregnant with our second baby, however this was a suprise pregnancy for us with no medical help. Has anyone else had this happen to them and how do they feel. I have mixed emotions and am scared to have them 16 months apart, but am ecstatic about not going through the treatment again as it took 3.5 yrs to have number 1 through different options.
What do i expect with 2 little ones when the 1st walked at 9 months and is advanced for her age.
Any advice would be appreciated.
Hi I can't speak from personal experience. But I am an IVF baby. My mother had multiple miscarriages and alot of trouble concieving. Anyway I was born on the 31/12/1981. So was a much tried for baby. Mum and Dad had expected to go through the same thing again when they wanted another one. Well mum stopped breastfeeding when I was a year old to return to her job - Karitane Nursing, that must of been hard wanting a baby of her own and seeing babies all day - had one cycle and concieved my brother! He was born 30/12/1983! So it is possible. It will be hard at times with two little ones under foot. Start setting up your support networks now. Don't be afraid to ask for help! And if someone offers to help let them. EG. Have them make you a cuppa instead of you getting up and doing it! =)

Anyway best of luck.

Prue, NZ, 3 yr old and trying for #2

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