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My girlfriend is Preggas and spewing Lock Rss


My girlfriend just told me she is preggas and she is not happy about it.It was a accident and she already has a 13year old & a 9year old.
She is so stressed & upset about it.What do I say to her I want to try & help her as much as I acn I have offered her all of my baby stuff for nothing.

Has anyone been in this situation


I havent been in this situation but if I were you I would remind her she has options if she's that upset about it. I know its not the nicest thing, but sometimes these things need to be adressed. Sometimes people feel like they have to have a baby because no one else understands and supports them. I would tell her no matter what she decides then you will be there for her as a friend and not judge her at ALL! Is she with the father? is he supportive?
Thanks enigma for your reply she said abortion is out of the question so that was a start I guess, she is still with the father & has been for 11 years and he is over the moon about the pregnancy which is a blessing.
She just thinks now her 2 kids are older & independent she has to give up a lot to go back to that "baby stage" again.
I will be there for her as much as she needs me thats all I can do.

Thanks again

I have sort of been in this situation before - My friend got preggas by mistake and she already had a 3yr old and didn't wanna bring another kin into the world alone - she lost the baby in the end but the main thing is to stanf by your friend and offer her support and a shoulder to cry on when she needs it. As she has the older kids she may not be so tied to the baby as they will be able to help her with quite a lot of things - I have twins but as I also have a 14yr old sister it sometimes feels like I don't have babies as she is always willing and wanting to help!

Don't know if this helps or not

Well we just found out shes's having ANOTHER boy she is soooooooooo upset as she already has 2 boys she REALLY wanted a girl. She is coping OK I guess and I have been with her every step of the way.

I am sooooooooo excited for her

See Ya

Hi Bec,

I have a girlfriend and an aunt who have large age gaps between the older two and the youngest one. I can only say that they have both told me it was hard going back to the baby stage was hard, but they wouldn't change it now, one of them has the two boys (16 & 15) and a daughter 6. The other has two teenagers and a 7 year old (I think). My girlfriend said that the older two have helped with the youngest.

Wish I could help you more, but as Rhiannon & Liz said, you can help her best by being non-judgemental & giving her support where you can.

Sydney, BJ born 28.01.05 CJ born 17.08.06


Thankyou for your reply I am there for her all the time & also very proud of for how shes coping.

Thanks again

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