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Are pregnacy tests different? Rss


I used a different pregnacy test. They came up negative. I am a week late. Normally I am pretty much on time. Once it was 8 days late, but that was when I was still breastfeeding. I have no stress at the moment.

Am I in false hope?
Hi Helen

I wouldn't say you are in false hope. When I was pregnant with my first the pregnancy test didn't show positive until I was about 12 weeks, even then the test at the Dr was only just showing positive. With my second the test was positive instantly, I was about 7 weeks.

Hope this helps.


S Brooks, Hobart


Last night i bought the same preg test i used with my first. I did the test and it was positive. I did another test this morning and is positive.

I am pregnant with our second child.
Hi Helen

Well a big congratulations. It is a bit disheartening to think that the pregnancy tests can be so different, what about people that do a test that is negative when it shouldn't be and they aren't ready for a baby (not that I believe in abortion unless absolutely necessary).

I know I got a refund from the test that I got the showed negative when it should have been positive, I took it straight back to the chemist.

Anyway sorry for the winge, once again congratulations. Are you hoping for a boy or girl? A pigeon pair would be nice!!!!!


S Brooks, Hobart

Hi Helen, Congrats!!!

I also did a pregnancy test earlier this week and it said negative (it was one where you pee into the cup) - and today I bought another - midstream urine test - where you pee on the stick - and it has come up positive. It was fairly faint so I will wait a few days until I try again. Fingers crossed!!! The midstream one is the one I used to find out that I was preggers with Hamish.

Good Luck!!!


Deb, Edmonton, Hamish 26/03/03 Toby 16/03/05

Hello Deb

I will keep my fingers crossed for you!

what does it mean when the line is really faint?

good luck


and congratulations Helen all the best

melissa, vic, Patrick 2.5 & Laura 15 months

Hi guys

As far as I am aware even a really faint line is pregnant for sure. They only say if test is negative then it is negative (which isn't always true!!!).

I would say pregnant.


S Brooks, Hobart

Yep - feint line does mean positive!!

I'm pregnant with #2 due Feb - very excited and happy.


Deb, Edmonton, Hamish 26/03/03 Toby 16/03/05

Hello All

Thankyou for your remarks.

I have some bad news. I lost my baby over the weekend. I was 6.5 weeks.

I feel cheated.
Hi Helen,

I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I hope you are ok, I can understand that you would be feeling cheated.


S Brooks, Hobart


Last Saturday I had a curette. There was the placenta still left behind. So the second lot of pregnancy tests were right.
Dear Helen, I have only just read your post for the first time and followed your heartbreaking story. I am so sorry for what you must be going through. I have never miscarried, but have had many friends who have, and I know it is such a loss. Please know that you are in my prayers today and that I wish you peace and success in having another baby when the time is right. Sending you a virtual hug..

Domestic Goddess Mum of Four!

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