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Could I be Pregnant?? Lock Rss

Bot 3 weeks before the end of feb my rigth breast started getty really sore (plus tension ,burning feeling sometimes it just feels weird ,) some times i get it a lil in my left breast but mainly in my rigth , i also started peeing alot more too my freinds said i could be pregnant , i ended up been 7 days late for my montly but got it anyway during it and after i was still getty sore or weird feelings in my breast , i through i wasnt cause i turn around and got it but ppl told me u can still get it while ur are pregnant, rigth now im still get sore breast on and off and im peeing alot more and sometimes its really dark yellow like a brown colour, ive done home test and the have come out No , im migth be doing it to early but im not sure if i am ,im starting to get like a pin pain under my belly button or to the rigth where baby would be , im also getty teird and most of the times i eat alot more than i was before , one mintue i can bee happy and the next sad or like i want to cry , i now get unwell or feel sick when ppl smoke around me and that wasnt happening before , and im getty a sick feeling in my throat or like im going to chuck but i dont get any funny feeling in my stomach i havent had morning sickness yet and freinds have told me some ppl dont get it or some get much later i noicte last week after having a hot bath white stuff looked like it was comming out of my left nipple it like look milk but i wasnt sure if it was, the rings around my nipples gave gne a ligth brown and i have small dots on them and my mum said u get them when u are preganant and u are carryinng milk , i havnt had morning sickness yet and thats whats making me think im not , but my freinds are sure i am so is there a chance that i am pregnant if i am i would prably would just be 3 weeks .
the symptoms you are getting sound like you could be pregnant and even though you got a period doesn't mean you might not be as some people still get their periods right throughout pregnancies. Maybe its been too early for a test to read correctly, maybe do another and if still no positive I would see your doctor and maybe get them to do a blood test as this then will tell you for sure.

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