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One week late and still negative Rss

Hi All

Its so frustrating playing the waiting game. I am now one week late and still negative. Does anyone know how long it can take for the hormones to be diagnosed.

I showed up really late last pregnancy.

I figured I would be around four weeks pregnant by now.

I have all the signs and symptoms of pregnancy. Sore boobs, tiredness, upset stomach.

I am never this late.


With my first pregnancy I kept getting Neg readings on the tests right up to 2 weeks overdue I was going Crazy by then as I too was never late and I felt really weird not myself at all, and finally as I was then 6 weeks pregnant I got a positive but it was then only faint, so went to the doctors and their test came up with a nice strong positive, so sometimes it can take a couple of weeks for the pos reading to show up. If you don't want to wait another week I would visit the doctor and get a blood test, especially as you said you feel all the symptoms and you are never late. Goodluck

Hi JNA...

I am NEVER late either (well, was late once and that was when i was pregnant with DD!!) and i was late last period cycle.. 9 DAYS OVERDUE! i know what you mean about racking your brains for answers. HPTs were neg, blood test neg. I was 7 days late when i got a positive blood test with DD. But my period came last cycle. I figure it was just my body adjusting to being off the pill?!?! Have you recently stopped taking the pill or breastfeeding as it my influence your cycle.

I'd go for a blood test if you can. I posted about being late last month..if you can track back to where i posted (i titled it something like a week overdue and neg test aswell) a number of ppl wrote back with stories...lots of them positive ones about being late with neg tests but still being preg. makes for an interesting read anyway!

good luck, let us know how you get on!

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