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TTC #2 Rss

Hi Everyone,

Just thought id start a new post about TTC as i dont know anyone on these posts and would love to get to know some of you also trying to conceive.

I recently got off the contraceptive implant and this is our first month trying. today is my first day of the two week wait and i am nervous, nervous, nervous !!! I feel quite different but i dont know if thats coz ive convinced myself that i feel different !

Did any of you guys 'feel' different in any of your other pregnancies before you found out or is that just a myth ? When i got pregnant with my son i didnt even have an inkling as he was a lovely surprise but i have heard of women 'knowing' they were pregnant before they got a positive.

Cant wait to hear everyones thoughts !


Declan 7/12/04 & Taryn 25/4/07

Hi Sarah.

I have recently gone off the pill and this is our second real month of trying. I too am on the two week wait and i am imaginig all sorts of symptoms already. which is rediculous because with my last pregnancy i didn't get any of them untill i was 5 weeks. I think your mind can play tricks on you because you want something so bad.

My daughter was planned but still a surprise because we got pregnant the first time we tried. I had hoped that would happen again. I think we were extremely lucky with her.

Good luck and let us know how you get on

Hi Sarah!

We are in the same boat as you. Just in our first month of TTC #2! My AF is due on Tuesday. Waiting waiting waiting!!

How long did you take TTC #1? I fell pregnant when I was on the pill so DD was a big suprise like your #1!! (DD is Natalie, she'll be 2 1/2 in May).

Good idea to start a new post...I've written a couple of times in another TTC #2 post but kinda get lost cos I feel like I've come into it so late!

I didn't feel any different when I was pregnant either...prob cos we weren't trying. I dont feel different now...meaning i would not have the faintest idea if I was pregnant now or not!! I hope so cos I'd hate to go through the waiting period for months on end!

Let me know any progess you have!!!!

hey i might sound dumb but what do you mean by TTC#2
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