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Hi to all
Just doing a bit of research into polycystic ovaries & polycystic ovarian syndrome.
I am not affected by either and was conceived prior to the Vietnam War.

My middle sister has the syndrome and after 4 + yrs of trying and IVF they had a perfect baby boy.

My youngest sister has the cystic ovaries (not the syndrome) and is not ready to start a family yet.

They were both conceived after Dad came back from the Vietnam War. Dad was in the navy and they drank the water near the ports - not knowing it was contaminated by Agent Orange.

Mum suffered 2 devastating late miscarriages (20 weeks or so) before each sister was born ( the baby stopped growing and was effectively dead for a couple of weeks before they found out).

Curious if any other women out there have a similar background (agent orange & fertility problems).

Mum to Erin 03.04.03 & Cody 04.08.05
Hi buttersupsmum,
I have been diagnosed with PCOS but i do not know where it come from no other women in my family had problems with fertility, I had 2 years of trying before going through IUI to conceive my now 2 year old son and tried for another 8 months before returning to IUI to concieve this pregnancy.
My husband also has fertility problems he has an antibody on his sperm which we have learnt comes from either an operation in the area or could be genetic - we think his problem could come from his father who also was in the vietnam war and was exposed to agent orange.
Take care
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