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How to conceive a Boy?! Lock Rss

Hi all, I have a darling wee girl 7.5 mo's, and me and my partner would love to give her a brother sometime next year! Just wondering if anyone knows any tips or techniques on conceiving a boy?!?

Hi Bella's Mummy

We have a gorgeous girl also, and thought about TTC a boy, but now have decided a baby is a baby smile

But. When we thought of trying for a boy, we did some research and Dr Shettles method seems the best. It recommends bding as close to ov as possible as the male sperm don't last as long as female sperm, and are stronger swimmers so theoretically should get there first! It also suggests the woman has an orgasm (damn!)as it makes the conditions more favourable for the sperm and the best position is doggy style or similar for deeper penetration.

That's what I found out anyway! Hopefully the other girls can help you more smile


Thanks for that smile I had to laugh at the part about positions (Lol TMI, am sure DP will be up for it though!)and the women having an orgasm - this could be harder than I thought..!
Jokes aside, I have actually heard about doing it close to ovulation and how there's more male sperm but they die off quickly or something.
I don't know much about cycles and when I ovulate etc. Will have to do more research!
I know what you mean about a baby being a baby, and to be honest I reckon it's 50/50 as well - there's as much chance of it being a boy as there is of it being another girl.
BUT, as we're only having 2 kids - it would be kinda nice to have one of each!(and DP would looove a son) so I figure if there's anything we can do to help nature along then it can't hurt smile

Haha yeah I am sure he will be up for it wink Men are pretty well the same I think!! Lol!

Yes well that's what I've heard.. certainly doesn't hurt to try. My DH brother and sis in law just had a girl, and were trying for one, so it's worth a shot smile

Yep - if you're only having 2 I would be trying for a boy too. DH would love a son also so I know what you mean there!

You can always google conceiving a boy and see how you go? There are a few diff ways out there to have a shot at having one smile


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