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Pregnancy and Belly Bar Lock Rss

Hi Everyone,
Just a quick question, I'm ttc#3 and have had my belly bar in for about 7 months now and was wondering if and when i should take it out?

Thanks Guys, Heather
Im not going to take mine out... my friend left hers in & it didnt affect anything, only problem she found is that it started catching on some clothes so she just changed it to a plain belly bar...

Ella: 2 years Eden: 1 year

Hi all,

I wasn't planning on taking mine out at all - i had it in for about 7 months or so but being just the curved bar & my belly stretching it started getting very sore & irritated.

Hubby told me to take it out & thankfull i did when he said to coz there is now a scar where the bar sat at the top hole, the whole area is still very red & if it is knocked even slightly it hurts.

I would take it out sooner rather than later coz when i did take mine out it was very infected, very red & made it difficult to remove. Hubby just said he would get it repierced for me if i wanted after bub so that's ok (only 2 1/2 weeks to go now) but once it was out my belly button popped out as well so i guess it also depends on how big you're getting.

It really is up to you but if you find yourself bigger than you expected (everyone was asking to make sure i only had the 1 baby in there - i grew very quickly) i'd recommend taking it just to be safe & either leaving it to close & repiercing later, buying a pregnancy one that is a lot longer or doing what i have been doing & pushing the old ring through the hole every so often just to keep it open & cleaning it out but leaving the ring out until after bub arrives.

Kel, SA, Mum to Lillian Rose - 06/06/06

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