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Most likely going to have 2nd Caesarean Lock Rss


I went to my ob yesterday who said that because my 2nd baby is probably going to be big first was 8 pounds 14!

but I am only small usually size 8! she is going to keep an eye on the size of the baby but with my pelvis and dimensions and stuff it is most likely going to be a caesarean delivery which if that's the way it goes is safer.

I was kind of hoping for a vaginal delivery but not if my baby or my health is going to be at risk (if there is problems with a vaginal delivery your scar can open up which is not good)



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Hi Melly

I had a ceaserean with my first baby but my doctor has not said anything yet about having to have another ceaser with this one.

I had a shockingly long and painful labour the first time (2 days) with failure to progress, foetal distress and finally because bubs was posterior she could not fit through my pelvis! Hence I ended up having the ceaser.

I am in two minds about whether I want to try for a vaginal delivery this time - if there is any possibility that I could have a repeat of what happened last time I think it would be safer if I just went straight to a ceaser. I was told that bubs nearly didn't make it last time and I don't want to risk that again!

Good luck with whatever you decide!


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on the plus side if u do end up with a 2nd ceaser then u wont have any hurty labour pains.

my bub was c-section, and who knows what will happen next time around. smile .

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you really need to discuss you concerns with the doci hsve several friend who have had a c section then had a subsequwnt baby vaginally. me personaly have had 3 sections

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

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