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Period cycles changed after stopping pill Lock Rss

Hi all,

just wondering if anyone can shed some light on my irregular periods!! I stopped the pill in January to TTC #2. Prior to the pill I had 28/29 day cycles. Last month was my first month not on the pill and my period was 9 days late. This month I am 7 days overdue already. Got a negative test the other day so I'm pretty sure I'm not pregnant. I'm just wondering if maybe I'll have a 37 day cycle from now on or something?!

Has anyone had their cycles change after the pill?! Or has anyone had a few 'different' cycles since stopping the pill before their bodies went back to the normal cycle!? Can the pill stay in your system for a few months?!

I've tried to find info on this on the net but dont seem to get anywhere. I'd love to hear anyone else's experience to help me think that my body doesn't have a mind of its own!!


Hi Megan,

I stopped the pill in January (when I had periods) as well - since then I have had one period and was 4 days overdue ??? So I'm not sure how my body is going with my cycle. I thought when I went off the pill my period would be longer and heavier, but it was my normal 3/4 days, so that was a relief.

With the question you asked about - does the pill stay in your system for a few months - I doubt it as I fell pregnant with my son 1 week after I stopped the pill last time - but maybe each time is different ??? Not sure!!

I can't help you with your questions as I'm going through what you are!!!!
I hope someone out there can give us some answers......

Good luck Megan


I'm pretty sure the pill can't actually 'stay in your system'or continue to work after you've stoppped taking it. Maybe you should make a dr appointment and have a cat about cycles etc. Good luck!

Ellie, NSW, DD 3 yrs & TTC # 2

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