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Need as much help as i can get Lock Rss

After many discussion's with my partner we have decided to start trying and see what happens.
However im a little confused with when my cycle actually starts and what day day do i start counting from for when i will be ovulating. I have just come off the pill 2 weeks ago, will there be any chance of me falling pregnant this month or are my chances low.
my partner has started taking zinc and i am taking folic acid is there anything else that maybe would be a good idea to start taking or doing? Also can someone please explain the abbrevations that are used on this site im have trouble understanding whats being said. I know they are most likley something simple but like the title said i need all the help i can get.
Thanks hope to get many replies

Sarah, Chloe 13 months

Hay there i am no Dr so i dont know how well i can help you but i know that with the implant that some people have in there arms to replace the pill that once that is out that is it your no longer protected. But with the pill as it is something that is orally taken it takes a few days to completly leave your system. but if you finished two weeks ago then you will be free of the pill. I am also thinking of trying for number two but i am not inot that who ovulating thing i tryed to understand it all and it was all too much so i just figure it will happen when it dose and hopefully not too far away.
As for some of the abriviations there are only a few i can help you with as some i dont know what they mean wither like DD sorry cant help you with that one but i do know that LOL - laugh out loud, MIL mother in-law, FIL - Father in-law and i have had a mental block and that is all i cna think of at the moment.
as for things to do ie vitimans folate is great and you shoud be on the banwagon it dose not so much help with falling pregnant but it is a crutital thing that babies need when growing especially in the eirley stages. as for your partner is he a boxers warer? if not he will have to learn as we all know that, that increases sperm count.
Well i hope i was not completly usless and good luck

Alison 27yr NSW - Ella 4yr, Kylan 18mths, one in t

It certainly is possible to get pregnant as soon as you come off the pill (Mum tells me I am proof of that!!) However, it is easier to know how your cycle works so you can maximise your fertile days. I would advise you to see your GP, given your decision to start trying, so that your ruebella immunity can be checked and he/she can advise you on any supplements you may need. It is great that you are taking folic acid - it is recommended if possible to start taking it before you conceive. I take (on my IVF doctors advise) Elevit tablets. They are an all round vitamin and mineral supplement specifically designed for pregnancy and lactation. (They contain folic acid too). The only downside is that they can be expensive. I am lucky enough to have a community pharmacy nearby so I get them discounted. Another reason to see the GP when you start trying is that if there are any problems (and there probably won't be) he/she has a timeframe for when further investigation should start. (I am just aware of that because we needed IVF - most people don't so I hope I haven't freaked you out).
Good luck and have fun TTC! (Trying To Conceive)

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