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No more baby :( Lock Rss

Hey Ladies

just hought I'd let you know that I went for my 10 week scan today and found out my baby died at 7.5weeks. Thank god I had mum there with me.

I'm booked in for a curette first thing Monday morning.

No I haven't been able to get in contact with Matty yet either, being on a ever moving ship makes it difficult to get phone range.

I realised today just how many good friends I have. I'd no sooner sent a couple of texts and I had 3 friends with me straight away. I may not have a best best friend, but I've got a crap load of close friends who are always there for me!

I know I'll be back here again in another couple of weeks - just try and keep me down!

I'm planning on getting pretty drunk tonight by myself and feeling sorry for myself then with some friends tomorrow night. Mmmmmm my first drop of red wine in over 6 weeks might NOT be a good thing!!!

My thoughts & prayers are with you and your family Tonee, mwah x x

OMG tonee GBH I'm so sorry to read this i was so excited for u. I really hope that u get in contact with matty soon. It was good that ur mum was there so u didnt find out on ur own. I 2 have lost a baby, i didnt find out till 12 weeks. But then i fell preg with DS. It happens sweetie, ur body knows what to do now, hopefully u'll get another BFP soon. Good luck if u need to chat just PM me hunni.
Love Shell
oh Tonee hun, i dont know you but i have watched your TTC journey and i was really happy to see that you got your much wanted BFP, and i am so so very sorry to hear that you have had to say good bye to your little angle. I hope you get another BFP soon hun, i know you will never forget your first but i hope your heart and life is filled with a baby soon xx

Oh honey,
I was just talking to you on facebook 3 days ago about it all. All our love and best wishes go to you and you DH. I dont know what it feels like but i can feel you pain. There is alway a reason for why thing happen but why they they happen to such sweet people i dont know.It will happen for you a little heathly one so i hope you dont stop TTC because it will happen honey.
If you need to talk Face book me honey

Tonee darl,

I am so sorry, GBH, I know how much of a challenge it was to get to this point. I am so glad you are feeling loved and feel like you have many great friends, it really helps. I hope you get in touch with Matty soon. And is great to hear your spirits are still high. I really hope you get you little miracle soon.

Take care darl and all the best.
I'm so sorry Tonee. I dont really know you but I know you had been trying for a while for your BFP. My heart goes out to you hun.

I went through the same thing, no heartbeat at scan at 11wks, so if you want to chat I am here for you, just PM me. Our situations are quite the same as my husband works away too.

I hope you get your little miracle soon. Lots of babydust to you xxoo

Take care,

hey thanks ladies

I've finally been able to tell Matty. I was trying all bloody night, I even dreamed about it! But I only spoke with him just now. He's in Weipa and going to see if he can get flights back home to Newcastle. But I'm not liking my chances that he'll be home by Monday morning
Hey Hun,

How are you doing this morning? Chin up. Fingers crossed that he can make it

Luv Ya

oh toneee...i dont know what to say, me and u have been here forever and u do not deserve such an awful thing to happen to u...i am so sorry for ur loss and i hope u r managaing ok in getting through it. im always here and on facebook if u ever need to chat, im just so sorry. massive hugs for u and matty and frank..u poor little munchkin sad xx
oh tonnee i am so so so sso so sorry i was only talking to you about it the other day i know what your going through so if you want to chat let me know i am going through something very simular atm. again i am sorry

I am another that doesn't know you, but has seen some of your TTC posts. I am so very, very sorry to hear of your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

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