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what did you all start to feel first........ Lock Rss


I am TTC and i an currently in the two week waiting period.

I know every pregancy is differnt but i just wanted to know how soon people started feeling pregnancy related symptom and what type of symptoms did they feel.

Thanks so much..

Hi again colkath!!

remember me?!!? It wouldn't matter if you didn't cos I forget the names of heaps of the ppl on here...just because you talk to so many about the same topic that I sometimes have to go back and re-read some posts to make sure I am on the the right person about the right story!!! How are you?

I am in the TWW (actually, its become the almost 4 week period is 10 days overdue today!). I am not going to do a pregnancy test until Sunday at the earliest tho. My period came 9 days late last cycle (which was my first cycle since coming off the pill) so I think maybe my cycles have changed and im now on a longer one or something. Either that or I'm pregnant...which I'm hoping to be!! Dont wanna do heaps of tests every month tho. Also, DD#1 took 5 days overdue to show up positive on hpt so i figure there's no point testing yet. I HATE WAITING THO!! oh well.

I was trying to think about my symptoms when i was pregnant with DD. I didnt even think about pregnancy being a possibility as I was on the pill, but I did notice that my boobs got sore early and they also grew quickly. And, this is way TMI, but I got increased discharge which I noticed the week that I found out I was pregnant. I dunno if this helps any, but I saw your name and wanted to pop in and say hi!

Can't wait to hear your success story...the sooner the better eh!?

Take care,
I am currently TTC (af due on the 7th) but with my DS i just knew i was preg at 4 weeks. It took another week and a half for a preg test to show meanwhile i was saying to my dr that i was preg!!!! I had sore BBs and my stretch marks were purple.
Goodluck with your thread,

Jenni, DD 30.08.98 DS 29.10.04 DS 23.02.07 EDD 05

Hi there,

I didn't think i'd changed at all as everything seemed normal to me, but at about 3 weeks along or there abouts my breasts became more sensitive & according to hubby, i was very moody & that had been going on for a while.

He suggested i get a test so i did 2 - 1 that day & one the following morning & both came up positive. I went to the dr & he said i was about 5 1/2 - 6 weeks along so i guess my earliest symptoms were around the 3 week mark for me but earlier for my hubby!

Hope that helps some smile

Kel, SA, Mum to Lillian Rose - 06/06/06

Hi colkath,

I didn't find out I was pregnant until I was 7 weeks. But about 1-2 weeks before I did find out I had the most painful boobs in the world! If anyone bumped them or if my partner touched them it felt like someone had jammed them in a door. And they grew, quite quickly! Other than that I had no other symptoms. No sickness, no spotting, no nothing. Just the boobs. I tell everyone if they get that symptom to get a pregnancy test a.s.a.p! smile


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