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unsure on when to do test Lock Rss

hi girls just not sure when to do a pregnancy test, do you do it before your af or one week after if af doesnt show??

Kayla Elizabeth (10/1/06) Mummy''''s Angel

i would do it the day af is due to arrive... or the day after if she hasn't turned up... and then if still a bfn i would test it again the week later and then head to the doctors...
Some tests are sensetive enough to show 3-4 days before AF. First wee in the morning is the most concentrated with Bcg.

You will read of TWW. That is the 2 week wait between OV and AF. It is hard to wait those two weeks and some of us become serial testers!!

Good luck

Oh you can buy cheap ov and preg tests on ebay or on line

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