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Anyone who would be TTC late 2010 - Early 2011 ?? Lock Rss


Myself and my partner are looking at possibly TTC our first in late 2010 to early 2011, I am 21 years old currently. Just wondering if there was anyone else around??

Thanks Krystal =)

Minniebaby- Krystal, 21, TTC #1 September 2010

AuntyAnna- Anna, 20, TTC #1 July 2011

KylieandBrody- Kylie, 24, TTC #3 (Brody,Riley) 2011

Leisha- Leisha, 20, TTC #2(Addisyn), 2010/2011.

Sabrina007- Sabrina, 22, TTC #2 (Taylah), September 2009

TJK- TTC #2 (Ds), Mid 2010

BrookieB- TTC #2 (Dd), early 2010

Whitney25- TTC #2 (Cairo), December 2010

JaxsonNLoghansmum- Shell, TTC #3 (Jaxson, Loghan) July 2010

xanthejane- Xanthe, TTC #3, April-June 2010.

Let me know if any details wrong or anything to be added smile
[Edited on 08/09/2009]
Hi Anna,

Im from Adelaide, where abouts are you from??

We are waiting to TTC till then as I would like to lose weight first, and we have just bought our first home.

I'm in NZ, Christchurch. Wish we had our own home smile must be wonderful. We are at Uni studying early childhood due to scholarship commits have to work before trying for bub. so clucky have 8week old niece.
Oh wow, yes sorry im in australia...

It is wonderful, just there is always soemthing that needs to be done.. so therefore more money is needed. We are both working full time currently.

I have become soooo clucky - hence being on here already haha! Probably seem a bit over eager!

So many of my friends either have their own bubs, or are currrently pregnant, which makes me even more cluckier!!

oh wow your so lucky to be an aunty! I am the eldest of 3, so I think I would be the first to have a bub (well I would hope!)

So how long do you have to work for your scholarship?

Are you doing renovations in your house? I would love to renovate an older cottage smile

What do you do?

I'm soo clucky too, can never be over eager smile no ones joined us yet they probably don't have to wait so long!

I have a friend who has a 4year old and due July, friend with Dylan whose just walking, Ashlyn must be 8months now, Ashtin is about 4months and my niece is 9 weeks.

How old are you siblings? I'm the eldest of five.

We have to do three out of the five years when we graduate. So going to work 2010-2011 and try mid 2011. Hope can get a job to start beginning next year smile
Yes we are going to get some floating floorboards but only in a couple of rooms as just 3 rooms is going to be over $2000!

I have next week off work, so Im going to start painting..

Its all exciting when its yours! Ive done a new garden too...

An older cottage would be nice smile we just have a basic house hehe

I work in accounts in a customs brokers office, its good smile been here just over 2 years now..

Haha no ive noticed that, we are just the over excited ones haha! Oh well, Im glad I ofund someone to share my cluckiness with! Thanks! smile

Oh wow quite a few bubs!

I have a friend who has just had one, another is abotu 5 months now, another is due anyday, a friend with twins, a friend with a 1.5 yr old, and another friend who is 10 weeks! its hard!

Im the eldest of 3, theres me 21, my sister nearly 16, and my brother is 11... how about yours?

Oh wow, well hopefully you can get wish I wish you luck!

Im trying to figure out how long I should be off the pill before trying, I have a years script at the moment, which will end in june next year, I dont know whether to go off it then or continue on for a few months, what are your thoughts?

I cant remember if youve told me, how old is your partner?

Mine is 21 and he has nearly finished his apprenticeship as a butcher...

Wow thats expensive, we are on student allowances at the moment but saving up each week to hopefully put towards a house deposit. Painting sounds like fun smile are you on holidays?
I couldn't do budgests hehe my husband does all the finanical stuff which I am greatful for. Wow you have lots of friends that have bubs too! It's hard isn't it waiting!
Um I don't know too much about the pill, never been on it by I have heard lots of people getting pregnant soon as they stop taking it. Corie is older than me he's 37.
Yes it is! but we are able to pay it off which is great!

Yep Im on holidays from work next week, so will take advantage of it and paint...

Hehe well lucky im good with money as my boyfriend is hopeless!!!

Yes its very hard waiting, its like come on already! haha

oh wow your married? how long have you been married for?

Yes Im a little concerned, because i want to go off it before TTC, but i dont want to get pregant too early either, hmmmmm...

Hey ladies, i am 24 and DF and i are planning #3 in 2011 hopefully. DS2 will be 1 1/2 by then.

Hi Kylie

Glad to see there is another one of us that is thinking ahead and excited! Its a long way off, but so exciting!

Your 2 are gorgeous!!

Where about are you from?

Krystal- been married since September 2008 smile re the pill whats the earliest month if you fall pregnant straight away it would be okay? Us its June cause I would be 6 months in December which would mean I could be a registered teacher this is reliant on me getting a job starting January next year.

Welcome Kylie smile How old are your boys atm?
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