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two or three???? Lock Rss

Hey ladies , i am mum of one at the moment and hubby and i are planning on number two now. i just wanted to ask all mummies out there with three kids , if you found it to be big jump and more work than just two? People have told me that it varies on what your children are like and how organised you are as a mum now...

I get sad thinking this will be my last pregnancy , but at the same time i dont know if i will have time for three children to give them each enough attention and love as i would be able to for two.. But then in 10 years time i dont want to regret not having that 3rd child as it will be too late...

I guess they are only small for so long and grow up so quick - they will be in highschool before i know it. What are your thoughts???

Jess xxx
hi jess2, I had my third boy on the 29 jan 06, I found it easier this time round no baby blues , I am coping ok no more flat out than I was with 2, the older boys 4 and 2, 1/2 are a bit demanding at times but the are leaning they may have to wate sometimes it can be stress full at times when bub is yelling tea needds to be done but you get use to it.
I would love to go back for another hopefully a girl but hubby said no ,he also said no to no 3 but gave in.!

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