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TTC Still - and tired of jumping threads!! Lock Rss

Hi ladies,

Just thought i would create this thread after a great suggestion from a fellow poster (thanks Kim).

As I have been TTC for a while now with no sucess and have jumped through TTC threads since Feb, Kim and I thought this might be a great idea. So we can still keep up with everyone without the need to fully introducve ourselves again each time...that way too we can keep friendships already formed as well.

So ladies feel free to join in if you like. Look forward to hearing from you all...

GOLD!! He he ~ good work Amanda!! gasp)

This will be much easier than moving from thread to thread plus anyone who got a BFP already can still keep in touch in here without searching every TTC in Aug, TTC in Sep etc threads to find us!!

Tho TTC in July is still going fab so fingers crossed we'll still get a few more BFPs in there first...3 x BFPs in the 1st 6 days is amazing since someone said TTC in June only ended up with 3 in total! Maybe July's a lucky month!!

Yay for no thread jumping!!

Talk soonish

Kim gasp)

ps. We need to start a list for in here too! I'm happy to do it if u dont wanna! ;o)
[Edited on 06/07/2009]

Hi Amanda,

I too am sick of jumping threads...and TTC!!! Although I'll never give up but getting very emotional and depressing each month with stupid nasty old AF knocks on my door! Anyway, this is a great idea to stick to one thread instead of changing threads and joining two threads towards the end of the month just in case im unlucky.

Good luck girls and looking forward to meeting you all or keeping the friendships we already have as Amanda said.

Kylie x

Hi Ladies,
Great idea to start this thread. I am Nic 26 and DP is 25. We are TTC #1 and July is our 9th month of trying. I have PCOS which is making it a little harder. I am on Diabex (Metformin) and also Primolut N, which is used to train my body to have get AF every 28 days. I have just started my 2nd round of Primolut N and July is my 2nd month of taking the Diabex. I have to go back and see the specialist in August and if we still arent having any luck he is going to do some more tests and possibly put me on Clomid.

Looking forward to getting to know all you ladies alot better cause I am sick of thread jumping too. I have been doing it since Oct 08...

Baby Dust to All


Hi Amanda, Kim and Kylie!!

What a great idea Amanda! I was more active in the TTC threads earlier in the year but I too got sick of jumping threads and became a little down with the continual arrival of AF each month.

Feeling a little more positive about TTC as I have managed to lose a little weight over the last 2 months.

One last introduction. My name is Belinda and DH and I are TTC #3. We have 2 DD's already.

Talk to you all soon.

Good work Amanda! Much better idea than the depressing jumping from thread to thread. I wasn't going to bother joining August after af arrived this morning. Too depressing.

For those that don't know me - I'm from Perth, 31, DH is 31 too, we're TTC#1 for heading into the 6th month. Hanging for that first bub so badly!

Baby dust to all you lovelies xxxE

Welcome ladies,

Kim - you are right it has definately been a great start to the month of July with all the BFP. May and June were definately not productive for many TTC. (I am so happy for those that got their BFP though).

I will start the list here if noone minds. Feel free to add and update as you like.

Talijean (Amanda) - 2DD's - TTC for 6 month
codysmummy* (Kim) - 1DS - TTC for
Blueyes75 (Kylie) - TTC for
mummy to be (Nic) - TTC for 9 months
*~mumtogirls~* (Belinda) - 2DD's - TTC for
Ems77 (E) - TTC for 9 months
sportymum84 (Penny) - 1DD - TTC for 2 months

Oh and a little about me though I think most of you have been in a thread with me by now.

I am 28, DH 30 (got married on 4.4.09)
DD1 - nearly 7
DD2 - nearly 8 months.

I have PCOS so knew it could take us a while. Think I was very hopeful though that it would happen quicker than this. I am on a health kick trying to shed some weight i have put on since i stopped breastfeeding.

I have accupuncture 2 times a week to try and get my cycle into some kind of rythym. Seems to be helping as I am alot more regular now..

I see the gyno on next Monday about where to go now. He is hesitant to do anything as we have only been TTC for 6 months..I have explained though that I would prefer not to have another 6 year gap...

I figure it is my body and if i am not ovulating than hopefully he can help with that...i know they like you to be TTC for at least a year.

Anyway sorry for the novel. Talk to you ladies soon..

[Edited on 06/07/2009]
[Edited on 06/07/2009]
Excellent girls this will be much easy to keep in touch. I like the group of girls from our July Thread so I say we all keep up with this one because I can't be bothered heading to the August one at the end of the month lol.

Well I'm on month 2 as you know and currently waiting for AF to leave. I'll be 25 in 2 weeks and hubby will be 26 in 3 lol. We're TTC #2 desperatly and want it ASAP.

Well ladies till next time baby dust to all!!

Thanks for doing the list Amanda just a couple of things - this is month 6 for us (not 9) and my name is Emma smile

xxE glad to see a bunch of u here already!!
I'm so happy for our July BFPers too! Especially since they've all been trying for a while!
Hi Belinda...i think ur the only 1 i havent met yet! This is only my first month TTC #2 but i remember how devastating each month was when i didnt fall pregnant with my DS Cody! Well done with ur weight loss..i'm trying to lose kgs too!
How u going on ur Wii fit Penny?
I'm still in TWW but wont jump to TTC in Aug if i'm not preggas either!! Still hoping for a BFP but will stay in here regardless!!
So excited we wont all lose touch at the end of July! Positive baby vibes to u all!
Kim x
ps. Thanx for starting the list Amanda & we cant edit ur post so u'll have to keep updating the list if thats ok!!

Thanks for doing the list Amanda. So much easier using real names instead of thread names! Im 34 and DH is 34 in 2 months. This will be our 5th month of TTC.


I've never jumped into the specific month threads but we've just hit one year of ttc#2 (although we had to put ttc on hold for two months in there because I needed an operation). With DD we expected it to be a long road for ttc but fell pregnant within 2 months of starting. This time round hasn't been so nice to us unfortunately.

I have an irregular cycle although since my gallbladder was removed its been a lot more consistent - every 5/6 weeks instead of every 3 months thankfully.

I have been posting in the ttc with irregular AF thread but it will be nice to share the journey with some other people as well.

Hoping for BFP's soon for everyone.

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