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Has anyone tried Maca powder for infertility Lock Rss


Would love to know if anyone has tried or knows anyone who has tried Maca powder or capsules for unknown infertility.

I have just been reading about it and it apparently helps for hormonal imbalance, short cycles, long cycles, PMS, mestrual cramps, mood swings, stress etc.

My DH and i have been trying for #2 for over 2 years now and have had 2 IUI cycles which failed. We have decided to have one more shot at IUI. I suffer from PMS, mood swings and get very stressed and all of these i noticed got alot worse while i was on the inj for the IUI so i thought this may be an option for me before and during IUI #3.

Anyones opinion on this would be great. Thank you

IUI #3 starting in August

Sorry Brodie I have never tried it, or heard of it. I just did a google search and it sounds interesting though. DH and I have been trying for 19 months now, and might look into this option further too. Will be very interesting to hear others replies. Thanks for asking the question smile
Hey. I hope things will go right in your way. Why don't you go for other Alternatives? I think Surrogacy would be best for you. He. Pick the best center for yourself. I was so disturbed and discouraged due to my failure in conceiving a baby. I had cervix Incompetence disease which left me infertile. I chose to go for surrogacy for me. I asked my partner and he was agreed with my choice. So we looked through a clinic and went there. The clinic gave us rights to the unborn child. The surrogate was healthy and cooperative. I was honored with an infant following 9 months. I am glad that I discovered this technique usefully. I would Suggest this procedure to the People who can't conceive and need babies badly. Wish you best of luck.
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