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2nd Pregnancy just had my first scan Lock Rss

Hello Everyone

Just wanted to share with you all that we had our scan today and all is well baby is fine growing well and moving around very actively!

So I can relax now and stop worrying!

thanks again for your kind words everyone, it was such a relief to find out everything is okay!



melissa, vic, Patrick 2.5 & Laura 15 months

Hi Melly

Glad to hear that your scan went well! It is such a relief to see that the baby is really there isnt it!!

I am having my first scan tomorrow afternoon so fingers crossed that everything is OK. I hardly feel pregnant at all so I am a bit scared.

I have started a post under another heading for those due in March. It would be great if we and others due in March could compare notes as we go along.

4 lovely munchkins DD 10/03, DD 03/05, DS 10/06 &

Hi Melly

Just posting back to say that my scan yesterday went really well!

Bubs is 6.1cm and heart rate was 158bpm. All is AOK so far. Had a low risk for trisomy 21 (1 in 8,800) which is a relief as it is in my husbands side of the family.

The ultrasound indicates I am about 4 days further along then what I thought but they are sticking to my due date of 11th March.

It is so exciting to see that there is really a baby there and that it is OK!!

We are telling everyone now which is fun.

Hopefully some others will post under March in the due dates heading.

4 lovely munchkins DD 10/03, DD 03/05, DS 10/06 &

congrats to you all about your babies we are trying still but thats another story.. LOL

i didnt know what trisomy was i had to look it up i kinda felt stupid not knowing...

same as a friends little girls condition i didnt know of either until she had her little girl...

Narelle, Eilish 5th june 2002 TTC since dec 2002

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