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TTC September 09 Lock Rss

I know it is only the end of July but I got a bfn today. Because I have a 45 day cycle I will not be testing again until September.

For those that join but don't know me My name is Jacqui iam 23 and have 2 DS. DS1 is 2 and DS2 is 6 months.

Hi there Jacqui,

Im Ana 24 and DH is 25 weve just started to ttc # 1. I stoped taking the pill at the end of june after being on it since 15. Since then i haven't had a AF, its now day 33 and still no show i tested and no bfp.

I think maybe i could be like you and have a long cycle.. I was soooo excited to get things under way but i guess its gonna a take a while.

Nice chatting with you


Hi jackie and ana

Im in the august thread but i have a feeling i may be joining u girls in september.
lil about me: my name is hayley married since nov 08 gave birth at 5 months gestation 23rd april 09 our lil boy had triploidy (chromesone defect) they do not survive from this, we chose a medical termination.September is a significant month for us as if our boy was healthy he would be due the 4th.
I feel im ready 2 try again so fingers crossed x good luck ladies xxx hayls

Hi Girls, I'm Laura have 19 mth DS and ttc since missed m/c at 11wks D&C May 1st, my OB advised to wait 2 cycles so tried last month but BFN and AF turned up, boo! Have just made appointment to see OB next week though as abit worried about my AF's since D&C very light and painful and only lasting 2 days very abnormal for me.
Sorry for the loss of your little boy Hayley, hoping for some happiness for you.
Bye for now girls.
Hi there ladies,

Glad to see some ppl in here its now day 42 and still no af??? Really hope it comes soon just can't wait to TTC.

Sorry to hear about your little boy Hayley, you sure are brave to have gone through all that. Hope that September is the month for you.

Laura still tring to understand all the lingo in here not sure what (m/s and D&C) means so a bit confused as what your post was about ???? Sorry just a newbie i'm sure i'll cacth on soon lol

Take care all


Hi ladies
Dp and I have decided to TTC #2. We have DS 10 months and would like bubs close in age- around 2 yrs or so. So looks like now is the time to start. I am BF my little man so I'm hoping this won't hinder my chances.
Will see how we go.
Good luck all hope to hear of lots of BFP's.

Hi ladies,

I was in the TTC August thread too but pulled out and am keen for September to roll around so can really start trying.

Bit about me, I'm Rach 29, hubby Owen 34 and our DD Lucinda 2. Very excited and nervous about trying for number two.

I have 2 more weeks until I finish this months pill and watching the number of tablets going down in the packet each morning feels like its taking forever. :>

Hope every one is having good week.


Hi Girls, hope everyone is gearing up for a hopefully good month! Hi Ana, sorry not been on for a few days so not answered your question, m/c is miscarriage and D&C is dilatation and curette, procedure to remove miscarriage. I am due to ovulate end of next week, but as said before having weird things going on now having painless contractions in my tummy so hoping nothing wrong after D&C, got OB tomorrow so hopefully all ok as so want to get pregnant again.
Take care everyone
hi there girls,

well its day 46 today so i thought i'd do a pregnancy test again and guess what????? i got a bfp!!!!!!!!
I can't believe it after one month of trying. Going to get a blood test tomorrow to confirm it.
Take care
Sending some baby dust to all

Hi girls,

I just came from August, AF had to show up grrr. So thought I'ld get started in here. This is our 2nd month TTC (we were trying for awhile before but needed to take some time off). We have a little boy called Zack who is 4(might be 5 before #2 shows up).

Ana - I just saw you got a BFP yay yay yay!!!!! all the best, makes me feel better to know someone has luck:)

Hayley - sorry to hear about your little boy:( I cant imagine what you went through, I just hope you can get your bubba soon.

Laura ,Jen, Rach and Jacqui - Fingers crossed we get as lucky as Ana wink

Looking forwaed to chatting with you all for the next month or so,

[Edited on 13/08/2009]

Hi all,
Sorry I have taken so long to post. Every time i try the net would go down.
Ana congrats on your BFP.

I have a scan on Monday to see what is happening. My doctor thinks it's my PCOS and said after the scan he would like to put me on pills to make me OV. I just hope it works.

hey all,
I have been waiting for this thread!
I was in the July thread (after TTC since my MC in May) but didnt manage to get that BFP, and then the surgeon decided I needed to have ACL reconstruction, which I had this last tues (and I couldnt be PG) and so now I am TTC again! Whew! What a story! I hope everyone followed all that?
My cycles have been rather irregular since my MC, and have been getting shorter (1st was 43 days, 2nd was 35) so hoping this one will be 28 smile If it is back to 28 then I should be Oing next weekend! yay! and testing in Sept (if I am patient! haha)
Congrats on your BFP Ana! How exciting!
I am so sorry to hear about your baby boy Hayley
And to the rest of us I hope we all get to be due date buddies! smile
Ok that post seems to be a novel! Sorry!

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