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Experiences with clomid Lock Rss

DH & I have been TTC #3 for 13mths now to no avail. I went to see my GP at 12mths and after numerous blood tests we have found that I am not ovulating. So my GP is referring me to a gyno and recommending that I be put on clomid. Now I have done heaps of research etc on clomid but just after some personal experiences; like how long did it take you to fall pregnant? how much was it? you know just general info about it would be great.

thanks ladies

DS 06, DD 08, #3 EDD 12/10.10

Hi mumof2TTC#3

I had clomid when i concieved DS. We fell pregnant on the first month with clomid 50mg days 5-9. I was ovulating but i was having really long cycles (average 55 days) so that is why i had clomid. From memory it cost around $35 for 2 months worth. I did get really bad headaches and bad mmood swings.

I just found out i am pregnant again, and this time our FS put me on Letrozole. It is similar to clomid but less sideaffects - and it worked first month for me again.

I also found that clomid me me very dry, so we used pre seed to make it more comfortable!

Hope this helps, and good luck

Hi mumof2TTC#3

I was placed on clomid as i wasnt ovulating smile i had come off depo and after 8 months of cycles between 14days to 35days my gyno advised clomid.

I was placed on 50mg from cd2 - cd6 and it didnt work, and as the gyno was keeping a close eye on me he placed me straight on to 100mg from cd2 - cd6. On the first month of 100mg i ovulated 2 eggs but ended in bfn on the second month of 100mg i got my bfp at 13dpo after. I had been TTC 10months in total.

I was lucky and the only side effects i had were a few hot flushes at night (i took the tablets at bed time) and i got tingles in the head, not a headache but just a funny feeling LOL. Also i got all the side effects of raised progestorone in the TTW ie sore bb's etc

If i was to give any advise it would be, ask to be monitored, while on clomid everyone is different and the only way to know if it is working for you is to be monitored by the gyno with blood test and scans etc, it will cost more but it is worth i think gasp) oh and in nz it cost me $30 for the clomid for 2 months and $245 per month to be monitored.

Hope that helps gasp) good luck hun and i hope you are blessed with #3 very soon.

Hi mumof2TTC#3

I have been TTC#2 for 11mths. I have just finished my first cycle of clomid - I take it CD5-CD9 but am on a half dose (25mg) because I only have mild PCOS.

The only side effect was tiredness & a bit irritable but my gyno told me the side effects should stop after taking the last tablet.

I went in for my scan on CD12 to see if there were any follicles - only 1 x measuring 12mm so I have to go back today for another scan to see if it has grown. My gyno said clomid can sometimes give you a longer cycle ie. 35 days which looks like might be happening to me. Two months worth of medication cost me $32.90 (aus$)

I would definately recommend being scanned the first cycle so you know when you will O each time.

Hope this helps you a bit.

Hi Ladies,
I too would like to know anyones experiences on Clomid.
I have a mild case of PCOS and after been on Metformin for 3 months and no luck, I have been put on Clomid. We also passed the 12 months mark too this month.. I am been started on 1/2 a tablet from CD 2 to CD 6, then on CD 21 I have to get bloods taken to see if I ovulated and then go back and see him.
Fingers crossed it works first cycle, cause 12 months is a very long time for TTC, as alot of you would know..


well.. i found as each month went on, the clomid gave me less and less side effects. first mont of this year gave me massive headaches and moodyness. i was in bed for 3 days sick as with it. but thats just me.. now i dont get any effect at all.

i am on 2 tablets. so i go through one box a month, i think its about $34 from the chemist i go to thats not for the cheaper brand. i dont look at the price lol, i just pay!

i am now going onto my 10th month on clomid. this will be my 5th IUI, as the first 5 mths, i wasnt monitored at all. the first month on 50mg, i didnt ovulate, then the second month i did, those are the only 2 months ive had blood tests.

i was also on clomid a few years ago, 50mg a month for 3 months, all unsuccessful, i was having bloods each one of those, day 21 bloods to confirm ovulation.

i find i get eggagerated post ovulation symptoms. sore bb's cramps, nausea etc, but also remember, for the last 4mths ive had trigger shots too, which is pure hcg.

I have just tried 4 months on Clomid with no success. Was really dissapointed as everyone kept saying it would work. My levels each month were near perfect but you just have to be so lucky to fall at the right time.

I got severe migrains on clomid but was willing to do what it took to fall pregnant. I tried taking it in the morning and at night but it made no difference to the headaches. Clomid is really cheap. My doctor also got me to have the triggers with the clomid. Giving yourself a needle is not that much fun but I was lucky I had a friend who had done it before and helped me out. Another tip is to use the nurses at your fertility clinic as much as you can.

There is a limited amount of clomid you can take and because I tried for 4 months we are now moving on to IUI.

Not trying to freak you out but I wish I had info like this before I started to take clomid. I went in not knowing anything. It's not that bad. Some women don't get any side effects. And if there is a pregnancy on the other side then it's all worth it.

Good luck
Thanks everyone for your stories and experiences. I got my referral today so we are off to the gyno in September. In the mean time we have a lot more to talk about and a lot of questions to ask at the appt.

Lets hope everything works out as it should smile will keep you posted!


DS 06, DD 08, #3 EDD 12/10.10

I took Clomid (2 tabs per day) for 6 cycles before being referred to a different specialist. On my last cycle I fell pregnant, but sadly miscarried at 9 weeks. My new fertility specialist put me on Metformin (3 a day) and Letrozole (days 2-6). I fell pregnant first cycle. Dr said that Letrozole has a smaller risk of miscarriage compared to clomid. I continued to take Metformin up to 12 weeks preg. I now have a 6 month old daughter, and we are about to go back on Metformin for a month or so, before resuming Letrozole.

Good luck!

I had to come back and share my success story, because I was on this site looking for hope too. My husband and I were not able to get pregnant. So I took Clomid, and it worked on the 1st round!
So happy I found smile and got it with promo code "SALE".
I am 6 weeks pregnant. It is very early, but it did work! Hang in there!
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