Well thought that i would let you ladies know that i went shopping today - it was actually for a baby pressie for a friend but i bought stuff for myself too! Anyhow i found a few tops at Jeans West that are summery and great for pregnancy. Before you think they couldn't be big enough, let me assure you i am having twins and they fit me! They are gathered at the top and then drop in a baby doll style, and they have a strapless type and heaps with little straps and they are so comfortable, and not too expensive. So if you want to look not so maternity-ish, if you know what i mean, then go and check them out. i also bought a similar one from Jay Jays which is great too. So have a look, they will take me right through because they have tons of room in the belly. Also i am a 16D/DD bra size (pre-pregnancy i was a 12A/B, so big changes here!!), and there is enough room in the top area.. so have a look!