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Oh man could i be having pregnancy number 4!!!! Lock Rss

Hi guys,
I was late taking the mini pill about a week ago and my husband and i used the unreliable withdrawl method on two occassions and now i am getting pregnancy symptoms. I have had a sick feeling at night, my breasts tingle (i did notice in shower that i could squeeze milk out of one, but finished breastfeeding about 6 months ago!). And just cant sleep very well. Im not due for my A/F until a week away but what do you guys think??

christina - 3 darling children

From what you are saying it sounds very much like you could be pregnant and I have known a few friends to have fallen pregnant by using the withdrawal method. I suppose all you can do is wait and see what happens closer to AF time you might be able to test and see if you are, as some can pick up the HCG levels 7 days before AF is due.

Hey Christina, my suggestion to you is to get one of those tests that show up a week before your period is due and test for it!!
Hopefully it will put your mind at ease.......(or scare the [email protected] out of you!!LOL!)

DD1 July 2004 DD2 August 2007 DS September 2009

i have now had some bleeding but a/f wasn't suppossed to come this week! But the bleeding is alot lighter than my usual period and is just not feeling the same..... Don't quite know what is going on?? Could it be implantation?? And i still feel slightly sick at times and i have been having some wicked headaches and my boobs have not ever tingled when i've not been pregnant! They don't hurt but just let me know that they are still there by giving me a little throb (not a hurting throb just an annoying one!).

christina - 3 darling children

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