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TTC a girl? Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

does anyone know how to TTC a girl? I have one beautiful DS and would love a girl but am also concerned that if we get a boy after trying to conceive a girl, I'll feel disappointed, and then feel guily that I felt disappointed. 2 boys is adorable, too, so...not sure if TRYING to conceive a sex is just opening us up to feeling disappointment (but I hate using that word when it comes to having a baby...know what I mean?). What do you think?

I am exactly the same as you, i would LOVE a little girl as i already have a adorable DS but i worry that if it is a boy i would be disappointed!
My problem is i have very irregular cycles and cant plan when ovulation is and all that...
There is heaps on the net about the ways to concieve a girl, i googled it and read heaps ha ha
Apparently BDing up to 2-3days before ovulation gives you more of a chance to get a girl as girl sperm live longer in the uterus then boy sperm.
The boy sperm swim fast but die quickly whereas girl sperm swim slower but live longer so if you BD a few days before ovulation the boy sperm should be all gone and only girl sperm left. Well thats what they say ha ha
And also the diet side but im not into that really, i am taking calcium and magnisium tablets, apparently changes your cm to more favorable to girl sperm.
Anyways hope that helps

Hi There

I was very much like you, have a DS and would love a DD, however I had a m/c at 13wks just over a month ago so now I just want a baby whatever the flavour!!!

I have heard the best way to sway is to change your diet, no potatoes, tomatoes, bannanas and red meat (they are ones i'm paying attentin to) if you want a girl as well as including calc & mag tablets and cranberry tablets to change your bodies acidity. Boys apparently like it alkaline (spelling??) where as girls favour acidic.

I'm doing the above still but BD all the time around O, so that I have a better chance of just getting pregnant again.

I'm sure you will love whatever you have, so best of luck.

Hi girls - just a warning about diet and baby's sex, the amount you need to alter your diet is quite dangerous when trying to concieve (the amount you have to change it) I'd suggest getting the book "How to choose the sex of your baby" its great even to simply increase the chances of having a baby. We did it with our 2nd and wanted the same as yourselves and I have to say it wouldn't have mattered what we'd had but we were both ecstatic when we got our girl!!! It also has to do with things like whether you orgasm or not as this changes the alkalinity/acidity levels. Anyway - the book explains why the diet concept isn't great and has loads of other ways to increase your chances and all the research that relates to it all so give it a go.
And good luck to you all!!!


I have 3 of the same sex and wouldn't change it for the world... You will love the baby no matter what xxx
I really think you are worrying about nothing because when you hold that baby in your arms you are not going to care what sex it is. I have two beautiful boys and i wouldn't change it for the world. I always get the comment 'are you going to try for a girl' and i always say no but i wouldn't mind trying for a healthy baby.
i have a 6 month old ds and would love to have a girl next but i will also love to have another boy coz i already have all boy stuff either way i think you will love the baby no matter what!

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