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Need Help re: When to have baby no. 2 Lock Rss

Hi everyone! Just looking for some advice, stories etc. Hubby and I have one little boy who is 19 months old. We have been talking about the idea of having another baby for awhile now. We always said we wanted at least 2 or 3 children and before Bradley was born we said that when he turned one we would start trying for baby no. 2 (this is quite daunting as we fell pregnant first go with Bradley). Well, of course his first birthday has come and gone 7 months ago and we still haven't decided to start trying yet. My DH is really keen and there isn't a doubt in his mind about trying for no.2, but now that it has come to the crunch I'm not so sure. I would absolutely love to have another one but not too sure if the 'timing' is right. Bradley has only just settled into a routine (we had a lot of trouble with him as a little bub) and he's at that really nice age where I can really enjoy playing and spending time with him (not that I didn't before, it's just 'different' now). I'm loving the fact that he has become a really cuddly little man and I'm worried about the impact that bringing another baby into to picture would have on him. I don't know how to balance my time between two children and don't want either one to 'miss out'. Having said that, I also would like Bradley to have the opportunity to have a sibling, this is DH main arguement too, being one of 4 and I was an only child in my home (i did have a half sister that I saw every now and then). AND, if I do have another one, I don't want too big an age gap, so now is the ideal time....there are lots of pros and cons on each side, just wondering how you all decided or didn't decide, any advice etc...too have or not to have and when.....Sorry its so long....

Jade, QLD, DS Sept 04, #2 due 06/08/07

hi mum2squish

if i had my time over again i would have tried when DD was 1sh but DS was an early supprise and DD was only 15 months when DS was born,when i found out i was was pregnant i was guilt ridden and angry at my self for not being more carefull,i thought that i had ruined my special time with DD but i guess i just spoilt her even more,now that DS is up and moving my life is a little easier,especially when we go to the shops i put DD in the big part of the trolley and DS sits in the seat that he sits up.
since your DS is 19months he will be nearly 2.5 when the baby arrives,i think it is a perfect age gap in the sense that they can hang out together as they get older.Im hoping mine will stick together like glue and be the best of friends since the are so close in age.

chris wa 1yr, 2yrs 14 yr

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