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How to conceive a boy? Lock Rss


My husband and I have decided we would like a 3rd child and would love for it to be a boy as we have two gorgeous girls already! (with saying this we would not mind at all if we had another girl but thought we may aswell try all the wives tales and tricks!)
Does anyone have any tips - I know the general right on ovulation etc but I have heard about a certain diet I should go on???

Would love to hear stories or what everyone else tried:)



The most important factor according to the Shettles Method is the timing of intercourse.

The closer to ovulation that you have intercourse, the higher the likelihood that you will have a boy, since they are the faster of the two types of sperm, therefore likely reach the egg first. If you would like a boy, intercourse should take place during times of peak fertile mucus or no more than 12 hours before ovulation (you can detect ovulation through charting, OPK’s etc). If you chart and have a temperature dip, this is a good time to have intercourse or the following morning. You can also have intercourse for a boy when peak mucus changes into thicker mucus.

Vaginal pH

The ideal time to have sex for a boy is when the vaginal environment becomes alkaline, which is on the day you ovulate.

Sexual Position

Deeper penetration (e.g. doggy-style) is more ideal for a boy, as the male sperm are closer towards the egg, giving them a head start on the female sperm (as well as being further away from the more acidic areas).

For a boy, the woman should try to achieve orgasm either before or at the same time as her partner – or if you are lucky enough, multiple female orgasms can help! The theory on this is that the waves of the orgasm help to draw up the sperm quicker to the egg, again the boys getting a head start on the girls.


For the men – To try for a boy, Shettles suggests men try and keep the scrotal temperature cool – no hot spas / baths, tight clothing or underwear. Boxer shorts are a good alternative. He also recommends no scuba diving, heated vehicles for extended durations or other areas of high heat. A few cups of strong coffee half an hour before intercourse favours a boy.

Success rate?

Shettles claims that his methods for a boy have a success rate of 80-85% and the methods for a girl a little less at 75-80%

Good luck smile
u could also search the net as well smile

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You can get PH testers that are similar to ovulation tests (I found some on Ebay once) that also help you make sure your body is more alkaline.
Try googling it and it will come up with many search results.
We are in the same boat as you. We have 2 girls and would love to have a boy, but won't be in any way disappointed if we get another girl.

well, for me it was easy, i wanted to be pregnant (my 1st) so I just made sure intercourse happened when I ovulated, and i wanted a girl but had a boy, and with my last 3 kids I just did the same coz i thought well if ifs a boy its a boy, if its a girl its a girl, i never knew there was a time frame where u could conceive either boy or girl.well i have 4 boys, all concieved during ovulation lol. would love a girl, but don't really know when the best time would be to try lol smile


A few of my girlfriends wanted boys as they already had daughters and used the ovulation tests. As soon as it was positive away they went and ended up having boys. It may have been sheer luck though, but you never know smile

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