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Hi Ladies

I am just looking for ways that people know to increase fertility with vitamins etc?

Any ideas or any ladies tried something that has worked?

Hello there.

You may want to take or leave my 'advice' as I have been TTC #2 for 17 months now with no luck. Too old perhaps?

Anyway, here are some things I have read or heard.
1. Chinese medicine and acupunture: expensive, gave it a go for 4 months, think I had one early loss due to swine flu? Love the energy it gave me but cost too much for no gain otherwise.
2. Vitamin B6 100. Have taken this for 3 cycles now to try and extend luteal phase - worked for one, not the other, 3rd in progess now. Have noticed (TMI alert) significant increase in CM at fertile time over these 3 months.
3. Evening primrose: only to be taken pre ovulation to assist with CM (I think this was the reason) and stopped post ovulation as can increase cramping.
4. I used maybe baby with DS but no luck this time. Have found ovulation predictors off internet (ebay) excellent help, as well as charting (I use fertility friend).
5. Usual, be fit but not too fit, healthy weight etc.
6. BD often to keep 'the boys' fresh.

Hope this helps you to get you BFP. Good luck.

I tried for 27 months before i got my bfp.
The month i fell pregnant was the month i tried several things for the first time
1: Bd every 2nd day from end of af untill start of next af.(exhausting but at least your not going to miss the egg).
2: Evening primrose oil tablets from end of af to ovulation.( really helps with fertile cm)
3: Vitex/agnes castus - i took it from ov. It is used to regulate your cycle and to increase progesterone in the luteul phase. (good idea to do some research first as depending on your cycle, you may have to take it at different times.)
4: It was the first month i tried accupuncture and chinese herbs. It cost $50 but i got most of that back beause i have extras cover. I found it incredible. I went for the 1st time on cd7 and got my bfp on cd25.

Um i think thats it. I also lay on my tummy after bd with a pillow under my hips. It makes sense as the cervix is on the front side.

All the best. I hope you get your bfp soon.

Thanks girls for your replies. I am currently taking Evening Primrose up until ovualtion and still not sure about the Vitex(angus Cactus) cos i have heard it can cos miscarriage.

I am using vitex capsules and found them to be great, they have helped my cycle by making them last 5 days (used to have AF for atleast nine days)and I dont get the horrible cramps anymore. Have been using them 3 months now. I fell pregnant in oct last year but misscarried at 6 wks, a friend told me about vitex. I started taking them straight after this happened,along with evening primrose capsules 5 days before ovulation as well as using robitussin to help increase sperm friendly cm. Have heared good things and bad things about vitex myself (side effects) but thought I could at least try it, and hopefully I will get my BFP soon

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