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  5. has anyone concieved a few days after ovulation???

has anyone concieved a few days after ovulation??? Lock Rss

I know I am asking this early, but if my DH and I were to have unprotected sex a few days after ovulation, would there be a chance of falling pregnant. I know when I ovulate and have without fail on 4 occasions become pregnant during ovulation. this time it was different, I am concerned, because if it can happen, I'm not too sure about being pregnant.

P.S. I am not planning on being pregnant
[Edited on 12/01/2010]

within 24 hours of the egg release, it will become nonviable. in other words, it dies.. if you know with certainty when you released your egg (not just approx) and it was definately more than 24 hours after that, there is minimal chance... really the only chance is if you ovulated a little later than you thought.

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