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Anyone tried to influence gender of baby? If so, how? Rss

We have a beautiful baby boy but had 3 miscarriages prior to his birth. We believe the bubs were all girls and want to try to conceive a girl to see if we can actually genetically conceive healthy girls. It's sad but we want to know for our son if their may be a medical problem with our baby girls genes which may get passed to him. Have had medical tests, but all came back clear and no reason for our losses. Can anyone help with any tips to conceive a girl, or been in this situation before?

ethans mummy

Sorry I havent been in that situation before but i'm very sorry for your losses sad

I am trying to concieve a girl at the moment, fingers crossed we were succesful at even concieving as most of the techniques to concieve a girl dont make it easy to actually fall pregnant!

I have been told to:
* take magnesium/calcium tablets and cranberry tablets(only until ovulation as can cause miscarriage)
*Bd every day from end of period up until 3 days before ovulation
*no orgasm for the woman sad
* missionary position

We have done all of these this month and just hoping for a BFP!! Not sure how successful we were but would love a baby no matter what sex smile just thought we'd increase the odds for a girl.

Hope that helps and good luck

*baby dust*

T xo

Hi I have 3 boys and decided that we would have a 4th baby....So I looked into it and took calcium and magnesium tablets for 6 weeks prior to ttc as this gets your ph level to be acidic as male sperm don't like that lol! We bed up till 2/3 days from memory and now have a beautiful 16 month old princess..
I wish you all the best xx

Hi there,
We are trying to influence the gender of our next baby, we're in the second month of TTC, would love a little girl. I haven't gone as far as taking mag and calcium tabs yet... I've increased my calcium intake and eating rich foods in these minerals. Also counting my bd days up to 2 or 3 days before expected ovulation. I'm in no hurry to get preggies at this stage so if we're not successful we just try again next month. If I'm going to get scientific about it, I'll start by charting my temp to find out exactly when I ovulate, but at this stage if it happens it happens.
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