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how early were your v.first symptoms? Lock Rss

Hubby and I are TTC#2 and I have 5 days to go until the wait is over to see if we have been succesful this month (fingers and toes crossed!) Just wondering if anyone had any v.early preg symptoms and what they were?

I had sore nipples about a week before AF was due that lasted about 2 weeks, i never got sore breasts just sore nipples. And my skin became so clear, i usually get the odd pimple but i really noticed before i even knew that i was pregnant that my skin was really clear and healthy looking (too bad it didn't stay that way!)
I've been wondering about that too- I keep thinking I may be getting the odd symptom bt it's hard to know if my mind is playing tricks on me because I want to be pregnant. My boobs have been tender but I am wondering how many of my 'syptoms'are from my hormones adjusting to being off the pill. My AF isn't due until 14th May. Waiting and hoping, waiting and hoping.......

Ellie, NSW, DD 3 yrs & TTC # 2

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