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Working for Families Tax credit (NZ) Lock Rss

hey.. i don't know what the 36,000 thing is but we earn over that and you are definitely eligable... if you can be bothered being on hold for a while, i would ring them - they might even do it on the phone..
you should also be eligable for the 1200 one off payment if you are not getting paid parental.. they pay you just over 200 every fortnight for 6 weeks once you have bub and register it for an ird number - very helpful!!
good luck
I think it means that nethier of you are earning more then that, not how much your earning between you.

Also will you be working or recieving maturnity pay when bubs comes?
[Edited on 05/02/2010]

You can't apply for it while you are preggos as you need to send the baby's birth certificate in and I think also their IRD number. If they under pay you through the year they will pay you the difference in the following year, also if you get paid to much the will take that extra payment back.

Didn't know about the one off payment must only be with your first.

GK....are you currently not working so is that a reason why you say you can't get paid maternity leave? If you have been a job for six months or more you are entitled to 14 weeks paid maternity leave at $429 (before tax) per week. This money is much more than tax credits. You can apply for this while pregnant so that money is paid to you once you are on maternity leave.

The tax credit thing is a "bit of a have" in the cense that the amount you get is based on the income you receive over a 12 month period. So if you are like me and only took 6 months off from work, half my income plus paid maternity leave and my DH's income took us over the threshold and we are not entitled to anything. Really it should be based on the income you are receiving at the time and be adjusted according to any increases or decreases in that.

What you should also look into is the accommodation supplement. This is not a benefit and its not taxed. You will need to go into WINZ and they will decided if you are entitled to this money. The amount you get is based on your income at the time and how much you pay in rent/mortgage. When I was on maternity leave and my 14 weeks paid leave had ended, we were able to get about $160 per week from WINZ until I returned to work. There are some calculators online that you can use to get you an idea of what you might get, but you can't apply for it until you actually need it....IYKWIM

Hope that helps
Yup you CAN get the one off payment as long as your not receiving maturnity leave or a benefit.
You can't get working for families until bubs is born, if your signing up with winz they will pay you the payments and ird repay them when you sign up properly.
Otherwise when bubs is born before you have a birth certificate (usually around 6 weeks after) you can get a Statutory decluration for the court registary office then you go to ird first fill out the ird number form, they give you an ird number, then you fill out the working for families tax credits form, they usually get you to finish it with someone and you recieve within about a week and they back pay you anyting oweing, your also given an amount of time to get the birth certificate in as the decluration is only temperary. This is what we did.
Where on the student load and we recieve $86 a week for working for families and then we also get a nice amount left over from our yearly intitlement in our tax return (usually around $600)
I'll have a look for you but if your not entitled to the full working for families you'll be entitled to most also if your husband works over 30 hours a week and your not on a benefit then you'll be entitled to the $60 in work tax credit ( its seperate but comes under working for families).
You won't be entitled to an accomodation supplyment as its for families with an income under $400 a week.
Ok so I just did an estimate based on an income of $50,000 with the min of 30 hours work covered. It comes up with an intitlement of $95.

Follow this link to the calculator:;jsessionid=EB395182F24C21E3770224C6FF5C6ADE.frc
hey.. just to clarify you can get the one off payment for every child if not earning paid parental, provided you have not claimed for another child within the last year... as soon as your child is born get an ird number and then the ird will automatically organise the credit... i tell you the money is a godsend at that time (1st time i had paid parental but not last time)..
good luck
just letting you know that you can apply for Working for families and the one off payment as soon as bubs is born without a birth cert or an ird number.

they give you about 2 months to apply for the ird number and if you dont have it by then they will stop the payments. ird will let working for families know the ird number probably before you know it (happened with me for my twins)
You will most definitely qualify for working for families. You cant apply until your have had a baby however,

If you have been working for more than 6 months you should be entitled to the 14 weeks paid parental leave, if not you should be entitled to $1200 which i think gets payed weekly once your baby is born.

Another thing to check is accommodation supplement from WINZ. You maybe entitled to this before having a baby & it could go up once you have had a baby smile
hi, just my little bit since i did this all at the end of may.....

you cant apply until bubs is born and you have a birth certificate which doesnt take that long, they give you the form at the hospital and if you fill it in and send it straight away then it should be done in a week, at the hospital you will also get a form for an IRD number, fill this in but you cant submit it without the birthcert BUT you dont need to do the IRD number straight away you have 8 weeks to do it.

You can get the working for families form sent to you and filled in before bubs is born so its ready to go as soon as you have the birth cert. i had my first payment a week after sending in the form.

just a couple of things that i didnt understand properly.... you dont get back-paid any missed payments until the end of the next financial year-i thought i would get about $800 as my first payment but that gets sorted at the end of the finanical year sad also with the $1200 payment that is also a choice you have to make, you can either get $150 for 8 weeks OR $1200 one off payment but yet again the $1200 is not paid until the end of the financial year......

with the normal weekly payments that last forever, it is based on your income and if you go on the calculator put in 1 child 0-12 then your partners income, click salary and wages, then if he works over 30 hours a week click yes and it will give you how much your entitled to.....

And definately apply for the accommodation supplement through WINZ, with only one income you should definately be entitled to it, this you can do as soon as you can get an appt with winz, the baby doesnt change this....

good luck

The easiest way as we found it, is to actually go into the IRD, the person there will give you the proper details.
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