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Am I going crazy??? Lock Rss

I am feeling like I might be pregnant, really sore boobs (to quote the other half more spongy), sometimes nausea and my unterus feeling a little different?????
I did a test before my period was due and was negative. I did a test last night, when my period was due, negative again sad.
We had sex a few days before the calculated ovulation date, but the actual ovulation was a bit later.

I think I might to anxious to be pregnant.
I keep imagining (I think) pregnancy syptoms too! If I were you, I'd do another test tomorrow- with my first I didn't get a pos result until several days after AF was due. Good luck!

Ellie, NSW, DD 3 yrs & TTC # 2

Well the tests were correct. AF arrived today.
I really want a 2nd baby, but the time isn't right yet.
Hello smile

If you really think ur pregnant then maybe u should see the doctor and get a blood test done? My friend thought she was pregnant and did a home test and it read negative, she had all the symptoms tho. a few days later she was still having symptoms so she did another test, again negative. she decided to see the doctor because she wanted to know why she was feeling so sick, she had the blood test and the results were positive.

Good luck smile

Bec xo
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