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trying for girl using ovulation microscope Lock Rss

Has anyone had much luck trying for a girl while using an ov. microscope? because i know that it is quite hard to try for a girl so i want to make sure that im doing it right...
And also do you get continuous ferning with your micorsocpe when you actually are pregnant (this is what iv read) or can it be different for everyone depending on hormones?

Amber, DS Bailey 09/03/04 & DS Astin 04/07/07

Hi Amber,

Its sarah again ! We are also trying for a girl with the microscope too ! From what i know we should be 'trying' in the transistion stage, not when we are full ferning, and i have also read that you can get continuous ferning if you are pregnant as the oestrogen levels rise when your pregnant, but i think this depends on the woman.
I also know that you can get ferning right when your AF is due as the oestrogen levels also rise at this time !!

Luv Sarah

Declan 7/12/04 & Taryn 25/4/07

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