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TTC( Scared after MC) Lock Rss

Hi there, was wandering if anyone else out there was TTC after a MC. I will no if we have concieved in the next couple of weeks, AF due on 10th May. But l am worrying myself sick that l will MC again, am l being silly or is this normal for us girls to worry?

PS. The waiting is driving me CRAZY!

Danielle, vic. 38yrs! due oct 2007

Hi Danielle,

I have just gone through a MC, but we are going to wait a while before we TTC again as I am also scared....

I also have to get healthy first too...

Goodluck I hope AF doesn't show up this month...

Clare xxxxxx

Hi Danielle,
I think its perfectly normal to worry after having a MC. When I had mine and fell again I worried the whole time with every little pain etc but I did go on to have a healthy boy, now I'm pregnant again and even with this pregnancy I"m still nervous so yeah I think its only natural to worry.
Fingers Crossed you have good luck this month, take carexxx

Hi Dannielle,
I get a feeling I might have posted to you somewhere else....?
I had a missed MC earlier this year - went for 12 week scan and found out bub had gone at 8 weeks.
As I showed low immunity to Rubella when the blood tests were done at 6 weeks I was told that when bub was born I would have to have a shot straight away, so I decide to have it done. You have to wait 3 months before you can fall pregnant after one of these and today was our 3 months up!
So I have hubby rubbing his hands in glee! AF will finish tomorrow and we are hoping this will be our month.
I am very scared about falling pregnant again. There will be the smallest handful of family and friends that may be told before the 12 weeks are up this time around, as I was a bit too early telling everyone last time.
I know that I will probably not feel at ease until about the 20 week mark, or when I caqn feel bub kick.
I have a wonderful support group of mothers here, of which one mum has just had a little boy after suffering the same as me.
I really hope you have lots of luck and that AF doesn't arrive for you! And best wishes to all the other mums and future mums who are trying also.

DD1 July 2004 DD2 August 2007 DS September 2009

Hello Danielle, And Ladies.
hope everyone is feeling a bit better. smile It is hard to come to terms with.
I have had 4 miscarriages.
We had just moved to a new countrty town with no friends or family. Closest Family was 8hrs away.
#1 I went for a 12wk scan everything ok. Next week started cramping lost it at 14wks.
In between m/c 1 &2 my sister came to stay with her 3yr old and glotted she was pregnant again. (she was a single mum with two diferent fathers for her kids. 1 night stands)That [email protected]#ed me off.
#2 We conceived str8 after #1 m/c, was 8weeks and lost that. we were not told to try again. Leave it for 3 months. Well we took the advice and found out I was pregnant straight after #2 m/c healthy 6lbs 11oz girl.
#3 was after our 3rd daughter She was . 12mths I m/c at 8weeks.
#4 was a month after and at 6wks.
we then fell pregnant with number 4 (yep another girl). She is now 16mths.
I found it very hard and wished I had something like this around when I m/c. smile
Anyway I had found out after #4 m/c that they were all boys and I can't carry boys. I think it is more heart breaking to find out now then back when it happened. Anyway I would never swap my girls for ANYTHING. My friend has 2 boys I say are my boys.
Chin up and best of luck to everyone. Am here If you need to talk.
Hi there,

Well i am actaully feeling really happy, i just did a Hpt to check if i still had HCG in my body and it came up neg, so i dont.

Thats gotta be a good sign doesn't it???

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