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weighty issue Lock Rss

I have seen mention on a few threads about women being told to lose weight in order to increase their chances of conception. Can someone please explain why this is so? Surely pregnancy isn't limited to skinny women is it???

i think that its just healthier for you and bubs if your not over weight.. Also being overweight or underweight can decrease your chances of conceiving... You know like when you lose heaps of weight or put it on it can affect your periods.. I could be wrong im not a doc lol but thats what i've heard:)

Take care

Ds 17/10/06

I think being too skinny can be the same as being overweight, its better for the bub if you are a healthy weight.
Before I fell pregnant with Gemma I was listening to the radio at work and something came up about overweight women find it harder to fall pregnant, and that it can take them longer to concieve than a healthy weight person.
I had a real b!tch of a co-worker who thought it would be funny to tell me that I was fat and should loose weight if I wanted to fall pregnant!
I was 24, getting married in 6 months and didn't even have the idea in my 2 year plan at that stage!
However fell pregnant with Gemma 9 months later by a slight pill mishap and about 4kg heavier than what I was when the remark was made.
Felt like giving her a good biff! GRRrrr!

DD1 July 2004 DD2 August 2007 DS September 2009

DH & I are ttc #2 and I have just read a book called "Getting Pregnant". There is a whole section on weight issues and conceiving. The best option is to be a healthy weight when conceiving. Being underweight and overweight can affect your fertility in different ways. Being overweight can hinder your ability to conceive as it can affect your insulin levels or other hormonal levels (and to achieve conception, the delicate balance of hormones has to be pretty much just right). I do remember hearing somewhere (can't remember where) that if a woman is pretty overweight and trying to conceive, even if she loses as little as five kilos, it can make a huge difference to conceiving..... kinda like a fertility kickstart!
On the other hand, I remember reading somewhere that anorexics who lose so much body weight their bodies will stop menstruating (and thereby conceiving) as it goes into survival mode and concentrates on just sustaining itself.

James' Mum

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