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My ds was an unplanned pregnancy but definately a wonderful surprise. We are now trying for number two. I was just wanting to ask those mum with more than one bubba. Did your pregnancys all have the same early signs (mine were mild nausea- got a lot worse after 6 weeks- tiredness, bad skin and mild tummy pain)?
Feeling that way now but am thinking its either gastro or wishful thinking lol
Thanks in advance for any replys

I am pregnant with our second, and i found it to be completely different this time. My first clue was the incredible tiredness, which i didn't experience until 7 weeks with number 1, I also had cramping, which i never had with my first. I am now 6 weeks and starting to feel seedy on and off throughout the day, i never had any sickness with my first at all.

All in all so far it's completely different.

Good luck, I hope you get your BFP

We have some info on our site which you might like to read through - Am I pregnant?

Fingers crossed for you <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>]
first pregnancy: first sign aside from late AF was cramping similar to AF pains but worse than i would usually get. that was around 5 to 7 weeks. (preg wasn't planned but not avoided ie we weren't using contraception just seeing what would happen) morning sickness was not too bad, but lasted from 7 weeks to about 16 weeks (no vomiting just nausea and extreme appetite loss in the evenings and strong aversion to meat). extreme tiredness - falling asleep around 7pm each night. i was working full time though.

this pregnancy: definitely planned this time so i tested 2 days before AF was due so it wasn't actually late yet. i had increased EWCM around the last few days of my cycle. my fingernails were also really strong which was unusual - they usually break when they get to a certain length. i didn't end up getting the cramps at all, just a few stretchy ligament pains occasionally. morning sickness from about weeks 7 to 9, mainly feeling waves of nausea and vomited once in the middle of the night. felt fine ever since. went of meat again but not for as long, and couldn't stand the smell of vegemite. a little bit of tiredness but i am still on mat leave so have been able to have a nap if i do feel tired when DS is napping.

With DS I felt a bit sick when a passenger in the car (got some car sickness) but that was my only sign, the other stuff did not hit me until more like 7 -8 weeks, like the sore/bigger boobs and extreme tiredness.
To be honest I did not feel pregnant with my first 2 but with my 3rd I just knew, before I was even due and before I tested.

Hi Everyone (including huggies moderator),
thanks for your replys. Turns out I am pregnant smile (though at the time of writing the previous post im not sure the egg would have been implanted. therefore ?wishful thinking- or positive thinking!) For this one I have had some pain like im getting a period but no bleeding. and have been needing to pee every three seconds!
Its early days yet so no shouting from the rooftops till I know its "safe" (figured i could put it on here ok as i dont know you guys)but fingers crossed and wish me luck.
With DS first sign besides AF was sore boobs at 4-5 weeks then nothing the whole pregnancy.
With this one I had sore boobs at about 3-4 weeks and MS from 6 weeks and still got it also very tried no very diffferent to the last.

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