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My name is Keryn and i have a dd who is nearly three and have just started my first round of clomid due to test the 1st of April. would love to talk to chat to anyone in the same boat.
sending baby dust
Hi Keryn - I think I aleady know you from another thread, but thought I'd join you here too.

I just wrote a huge post but lost it when I posted it! Grrr

Im short this is my first round of clomid. Im very excited and nervous to see if it works. Dp and I have been TTC since Jan 08 - though we have had a few missed months as DP travels for work and we had a few breaks for sanity! We also fell preg last June but had a missed mc in september. I have a history of endometriosis and am booked in for another lap in June to clear out any disease and fix my prolapsed ovary, so gyno gave me clomid and asprin to help try get me preg asap so I can avoid surgery for now.

Good luck to you, and I hope clomid was kind and didnt give you too many side effects! And I hope it produces and healthy sticky bub for you too smile


Hi keryn! So glad someone has started a clomid thread.
I'm in the same boat!! And I've been chatting to genna too for a while as we've both been trying for what seems like a million times longer than everyone else on here. DH and I have been ttc #1 since April 08 so genna wins that race. I've never fallen preg. I had every test/investigation done possible prior to Jan this year when I had a laparoscopy and that was the last resort. My dr found some endometriosis but that was all and he got rid of it all, everything else about my insides is fine and in working order. The only problem I was having was long cycles, bout 35-40 days so that's why we're trying the clomid in the hope of regulating my cycle and not having to go down the ivf path. This is my 2nd cycle on clomid. 1st cycle was 50mg but didn't work so this month it's up to 100mg. I'm CD15 today and hve had pretty definite ov cramps all this week so I'm hoping we BD'd enough and at the right time to catch the infamous egg!!
Like genna my DH goes away for work too so that can stuff with things a bit and was also another reason why I got the clomid so then we can know if we're in with a chance for the cycle whether DH will b away or not. He's actually going away next Monday so I'm feeling confident about this month and hoping so much that I'll get our much awaited BFP!

Hi girls
thanks for replying. I am currently waiting for testing and time seems to be going so very slowly. We have been ttc for over 2 years now. It did take three years to fall with ava but i didnt think much of it because for most of it we werent trying just not stopping iykwim.
gundiez i am so very sorr for your loss last year. its awful that the world has to play such cruel things.
I also know what it is like to wait for so long thinking every month this will be the month and then have af arrive. Then you hear about all the people who are having accident babies and it doesnt seem fair.
Lis it must be hard with your DH working away and TTC, well actually i think it would be hard anytime.
So have you had any side effects from clomid? i had the worst cramps ever, which i am not really complaining about because prior to clomid i had no idea when i ovulated as i had no signs and because my af was everywhere it was horrible.
hoping all our bfp come this month, good luck girls
Hi girls,
Well im CD17 today so im entering the TWW also i guess. Its always so hard to tell when my TWW starts as my cycle lengths have always fluctuated. Why do we have to be the one's stuck with such unpredictable cycles and why cant we be the lucky one's that fall first cycle!!! It sure does feel really unfair sometimes when u see some ladies not having to put any effort in and bingo, they get their pregnancy but no point whinging i spose, nothing we can do about it. Just gotta keep tryng and keep those fingers crossed that we'll all be successfull this month coz this journey is becoming rediculously long and tiring!!
It has been a little bit hard but hopefully now with the clomid we have a better idea of when im ov'ing so we know whether he'll be here to catch the egg or not instead of not having any idea if the month was worth it, if that makes sense?
The biggest side effects i've had from the Clomid is the hot flushes!! Thankfully they dont last all month, only for about a week after my last tablet. This month wasnt as bad as last month which was a bit strange seeing as my dose was doubled but im not complaining.
I've had the big cramps too and thats the only thing thats making me think and hope that i ov'd this week and that we did catch the egg coz we've done plenty and hopefully enough BD'ing! It sure definitely feels like something was going on down there and i swear it felt like i was releasing 20eggs not jut one, hehe.

Looking forward to hearing how everyone is going over the next couple of weeks. Good luck girls!!!
Im not currently on clomid nor have I been but i'm very interested in this post.
I have PCOS and it took me 8 months at the age of 16 to have a valid pregnancy.
I had a early MC (before 4 weeks) 3 months before becoming pregnant with my son and so I also know the devestation of going through a MC.
I figure for the first and being young that was a long time.
Since then the symptoms of my PCOS have got slowely worse and I have already been imformed that next time I will probably need to go on clomid so I have a pretty good knowledge on the subject.
As i'm currently doing a cert in health sciences and will be starting my degree in midwife, the plan is to TTC number 2 once im qualified.
So although its a while away it does worry me all the time if I will ever experience the wonderfull feeling of bringing a new life into the world and I also have a passion with wanting to help others experience it (hence whay I want to be a midwife).
I'll be very interested to hear what happens on this post for future reference and I wish the best of luck to you all!
Hi All
Lis i hope that there is a bfp at then end of your wait. I hate the waiting, only a 6 days until testing for me.
Bla Bla. I am so sorry about you mc that must have been a horrible experience. I hope that it doesnt take long for you once you ttc.
sendind baby dust
Hi Ladies
i have a question is your fs seending you for blood tests on day 23/24? I went for my blood test today and thought that maybe she would be able to tell if i am pregnant? do you think? I went and got an early pregnancy test and did it but got a negative. dont know if it was just too early or not pregnant really hoping it was just too early.
I am not currently on clomid but my 6 week old daughter was conceived on clomid.
It took me 12 months to fall pregnant with DD1. Was never tested as I was told to wait 12 months.
When she was 9 months old we decided to start trying again. Fell pregnant 3 months later. Sadly miscarried twins (badly) at 9 and 11 weeks in December 2006.
I was then told that I could try again after a period unfortunately a proper period never arrived. I was told by doctors that it can take 12 months to get your body back to normal after a miscarriage, especially one like mine. I however knew something was wrong. Was bleeding on and off for months at a time etc.
Finally was referred to a ob/gyn (same ob i had with DD1) and he diagnosed me, within 5 minuts, with polycystic ovaries. Was given clomid and fell pregnant on first round. Sadly however miscarried at 8 weeks (was given a d&C this time so far better).
After much discussion partner and I decided on one last effort (if it didnt work that would be it - no more). Luckily for me I fell pregnant again on the first round and this time I managed to successfully carry baby to 39 weeks.
Welcome BlaBla! Great idea to keep an eye on this thread and gather as much info as possible i reckon. So sorry to hear about ur MC, i hope that never happens to you again. Hopefully Keryn, Genna and myself will be able to give you some good news at the end of our cycles!

Keryn - OMG only 6 days left, you must be bursting at the seams waiting to test. Dont get dissapointed by todays test, as you said, it could be too early so hope is not lost just yet.

My FS is getting me to do a day21 progesterone blood test. I work for a GP so i was sneaky and got a blood test on day 15. Then i'll get the 21day done this Thursday and compare the results then probably get another at day 28 to compare again coz my cycles are average 35days but the last two have been 40! Talk about being a pin cushion!! My results from friday were promising which was a nice start to the week.
Lutenizing Hormone = 30 (40-200)
Oestrogen = 1150 (400-1400)
Progesterone = 5 (rising)

the numbers in the brackets are the recommended levels for "mid cycle" so im on target i think. The main one i cant wait to see is if my progest rises coz if it does then the clomid is doing its job and its a pretty sure indicator that i ov'd, even tho it sure felt like i did!!
thanks lis
yes i am bursting, i think it is more the wanting to see if clomid worked that has me bursting. just keeping my fingers crossed.
RKA- i am so sorry about the ordeal you have gone through to have a baby, i am so glad you now have a 6 week old and thanks for all your imput.
It amazing how many women have been on clomid to fall. I may have been nieve but it just shows that many people have the same problems and its great that there are people out there willing to share their stories.
hey girls just wanted to say that hold your hopes high, this pregnancy was a result of clomid. i did start with twins, but lost one at approx 9wks.

22mths of TTC, 10mths clomid @100mg, and 4IUI's, the 5th was cancelled and then i went on to fall pregnant naturally that cycle, so basically just clomid.

if anyone has questions feel free to ask me, ill do my best to answer them, i was also on it prior to conceiving nikkita. have had laproscopies and more ultrasounds than i can count!

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