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Is this right??? Lock Rss

Is it true that you may not ovulate every month but can still get AF??? Does this mean my TTC#2 has just become that much more difficult??? I bought an ovulation kit today and I will be v.annoyed if I don't ovulate this month... that's a lot of peeing on sticks for a 'no-show' egg!!!

To Mia,

Yes im sorry to tell you that this is true ! The one problami found with using the disposable ovulation kits is that you get a positive from them when you have an LH surge and often this happens in the middle of day so you should be prepared to test twice daily which can become very expensive and you run the risk of missing the surge anyway ! I have since bought an salivia ovulation test which is reusable which is great as i was spending $40 a month on the disposable ones anyway ! the reusable one costs about $85 but you definitly save money in the long run and the test itself is more accurate !! i recommend it !!

Is there any reason as to why you think you might not be ovulating ? is it because you havnt got a positive from the ovulation test ?

Luv Sarah

Declan 7/12/04 & Taryn 25/4/07

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